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J’adore la vie Week 13

Posted Jan 17 2013 3:00pm

Having a J’adore la vie mindset doesn’t mean that you’re always happy. It means that you’re happy most of the time and can deal with the unhappiness because you know there’s a lesson to learn on the other side. It means that you love life most of the time and, in the uncomfortable situations, you know that, at that very moment, you are smack dab in the middle of a monster lesson to learn from the Universe. learning a lesson from the Universe at that very moment. A setback is an opportunity disguised as unhappiness. Right? Right.

I’ve openly discussed the fact that my parents are in the middle of a divorce. This situation can make me really unhappy at times. It can make me question things around me. To reel myself back in and re-calibrate, I meditate and use a mantra like, “I am grateful for this moment. It is a Divine Storm that will soon pass. In the mean time, I am ready to learn.”

Then, I woke up to seven emails from people who needed my guidance. I walked into work with clients who were totally in need of being supported. I was re-calibrated and learned the best lesson for maintaining a J’adore la vie mind set: “When you feel helpless, help someone.”  When you need support, support someone else. Give what you’ve got – and you’ll realize you’ve got a whole lot inside of you. J’adore la vie baby!

Quote of the Day
We will always be special. We will never be more special than anyone else. Stay confident and humble. #jadorelavie


Annie  experienced Boston’s own Chiatown for the first time: #plantPOWER style! ;-)

Jo noticed a simple pleasure, courtesy of nature.

Kat re-calibrated with a new-found favorite relaxation technique: qi-gong! (Thanks for the lesson, Kat! I had no idea what qi-gong was.)

Chelsea took her workout outside and felt totally invigorated!

Virginie is a girl after my own heart!

Lucie celebrated her father by lighting a candle in his memory.

  Sloane made an incredible #plantPOWER recipe: spicy sweet potato soup. (Can I come over?!)

BodyWavesBoston , a therapeutic massage company located in Boston, got in some new natural soaps and oils! Mmmm.

Ree found this beautiful message hanging from her tea bag. AMEN, sister! 

Gina got her  Spirit Junkie on with a cup of tea and an inspirational pillow to lean on!

Meg went for a run in Central Park with her besties!

Angelica’s niece radiated joy and ROCKED her new swim suit!

Grether went for a Sunday run in the beautiful Miami weather! 

Meg gifted herself a relaxing Sunday. Her zen smile says it all, huh?

Cait ran an errand during her work day and … wow!

Christa gives us a beautiful and essential reminder.

Ree is putting passion into her passion! Love this.

Elle got comfy-cozy after work and took time for herself.

Molly’s picture literally left me speechless. Stunning.

Angela created a killer-looking #plantPOWER dinner. I think I’m hungry now… ;-)  

Thank you for keeping J’adore la vie alive! I love you all.

Stay lovely,

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