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J’adore la vie Week 12

Posted Jan 10 2013 12:50pm

The present moment is a gift that you can give to yourself. Every present moment is an opportunity to give your greatest gift: service. This can be service to others or service to yourself. We need to do both everyday in order to create a better world for us and for those around us

J’adore la vie moments are snapshots of service. By sharing #jadorelavie moments, you are sharing a present moment. You are sharing a gift that the Universe gave you, and you’re giving that gift to others. You are a gift to others. We are so blessed to have a safe space here, where we can come every Thursday and count our blessings. But we’ve got to spread the J’adore la vie mindset to everyone. The reason I ask you to Tweet and Instagram is not to gain followers – it’s to awaken the consciousness of all of us. It’s to remind us that getting somewhere or doing something is not as important as this gift of the present. It’s to remind all of us (including myself) that a J’adore la vie moment is found in every moment.

Quote of the Week: “We came from a source and this source is everywhere. There is no place that it is not. …then it must be in me. And if it is in me, it is in you.” – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer , The Shift


Nadja appreciated the present moment on her afternoon walk, in awe of the beauty that surrounded her.

Diana cherished the present by keeping her ears open to a new perspective – simple but so true. Right on, sister!

Maya ‘s Yogi tea quote reminded her of one of the greatest Universal truths!

Nadja was really blessed by nature this week… ;-)

Lauren  enjoyed the present gift of being with her fam.

Jamie  snuggled up in bed and watched Super Soul Sunday! <— This is my “Sunday church” too, girlfriend!

Diana  put the passion into prepping meals with Pandora! 

Cait gets so amped when she received a comment from her sister. 

Lucie’s angel necklace reminds her that she already has all the virtues she desires.

Maya  shared the #plantPOWER love by cooking a vegan meal for her Dad!

Hilary celebrated 1 year being vegan and feels wonderful. YOU GO GIRL!

Rachel  spoke with an older man (one of our best teachers) about miracles. 

Carlyn  is an angel! She saw a J’adore la vie keepsake that made her stop, drop, and appreciate.

Andrea  is pumped to begin the #MCMBookClub journey next Tuesday! Woot!

  Lori ‘s dog, Jax, showed her who was boss when he stole her spot at the dining room table. Ha! ;-)

Sloane  made an incredible #plantPOWER salad that energized her for the day!

Meg  spread liver pate on a rice cake for a snack and snuggled up with her man.

Katie ‘s photo kind of says it all.

Gina  found the small joys surrounding her lunch!

Claire  reminds us how to walk the walk and talk the talk.

Maria  honored herself with some lululemon goodies!

Angela  is equally pumped to begin the #MCMBookClub journey!

Angelica  reminds us how vital it is to stay present…to embrace that gift.

Brooke  painted her little chica’s toe nails. Little ones’ feet are so freakin’ precious!

Maria , preach it girrrl!

Lisa  spent quality time with her beautiful sister.

Lakshmi  teaches us the importance of life. This girl’s blog is a total gift to all of us. READ IT!

Amanda  found a pretty special gift on her last day in Lyon. How rad is this?!

Lakshmi  tells us what tree pose means to her. So. breathtakingly. beautiful.

Mandiee  celebrated life! She is in the flowww, baby!

Kasey  enjoyed a night out with her boyfriend, Corey, and her mom! Good people, good chats, good food. With hummus around, there is always a #jadorelavie moment. Can I get an amen?!

Thank you so much for loving yourselves enough to appreciate the moments the Universe gives you. In turn, you’re helping so many other people awaken their subconscious – their personal space of intuition and love. You are a miracle on this earth. Spread it, baby!

Stay lovely,

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