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J’adore la vie # 6: Final Week of #jadorelavie4sandy!

Posted Nov 29 2012 10:32am

Today marks the final week of J’adore la vie 4 Sandy. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate every single one of you for participating. We have created a gorgeous love chain that will extend to victims of Hurricane Sandy. WOO HOO!

J’adore la vie is a movement that this world so desperately needs. At times when I’m feeling stressed out or anxious, I love searching the #jadorelavie hash tag on Twitter. Seeing our small moments of joy centers me and fills my entire body with an incredible energy. So, thank YOU. We are all working to spread love and inspire each other!

It’s easy to enjoy a moment; but are you channeling the energy of that moment? We can feel joy and just feel it without a care. But when we feel joy and make the conscious decision to really feel it and soak it up – that, my friends, is priceless. And that is when miracles in your life occur. A Course in Miracles says that a miracle is a change in perception from fear to love. When you make that choice to focus on love, you experience a miracle. We all deserve those miracles every day of our lives. That’s what I hope J’adore la vie can do for you.

The next time you’re feeling stuck and finding it hard to pinpoint the joy in your own life, call or text someone you love and tell them about J’adore la vie. This movement doesn’t have to just stay in the blog and social media communities. It can extend farther! The more people we make aware of J’adore la vie, the more people will stop for a minute to appreciate. They’ll take a minute for themselves and find that love within them. That’s the best gift you can give someone. 

Today’s J’adore la vie quote of the week comes from Tuesday morning’s meditation:
“You have one body, one mind, and TONS of abundance to share with this world. Don’t be afraid to unleash it – it’s living inside of you! #jadorelavie” Soak it up and believe it, baby!


After listening to her body and taking time off from running (something she loves so much), Linz had a moment pure, innate joy.

While I was recently told to “tone down my working out and running,” it made me realize to never take health for granted, even if you’re a typically “healthy” person, like me.  Last week, I ran a 6-mile Turkey Trot after not running for a couple weeks.  I was proud to see my pace had not slowed tremendously.  After the race, I went to my sister’s and did my trademark handstand.  It was such a j’adore la vie moment because I so very much appreciated my health and my ability to move!

Bree recently moved to California to pursue her dreams of acting and personal training. She is working as a CPT now! Bree loves her family so much, so I know how much this moment meant to her… 

Hilary ‘s dad bought her a goodie! It always feels so damn good to be thought of by people we love.

Maya got cozy with her mama!

Annie  (whose blog is awesome, by the way!) made her study session a beautiful one by surrounding herself with things that make her feel happy peaceful.

Ree ‘s yoga teacher gave the class a simple, gentle reminder.

Nadja loves her tea. It connects her mind, body, and breath!

Virginie , CPT, is so excited to visit the upcoming CanFitPro Trade Show , where she will learn about new fitness equipment, attend fitness-related lectures, and (hopefully!) score some fun, new fitness goodies to incorporate into her life.

Virginie’s Instagram is an amazing source of #jadorelavie moments! Follow this girl!

Meg recently went out to eat at Gio and found a beautiful quote inside of her personalized menu.

Cait finished reading Spirit Junkie  (a must-read for everyone! HOLLA!) with a mug full of leftover pumpkin pie.

Lisa got her daily dose of Starbucks!

Brooke stopped in her tracks (right in the middle of her run) to soak up the beautiful moment of the sun inching its way through the trees and saw a swan floating by on the lake.

Holly held and hugged her precious daughter extra tight on Thanksgiving day.

Such beautiful J’adore la vie moments, huh?

Now, I’d like to share my very favorite J’adore la vie moments of the week:

You might have seen it on my  Facebook page  yesterday. Reader Lucie tacked my three tips from “ How to Beat the Binge…with Love! ” on her bulletin board. When I saw this, my heart exploded with love and I burst into tears. Seeing her take my advice to heart and implement it into her life made me beam with gratitude and pride. WAY TO GO, Lucie! Rock on, sister. :-)

This picture, from Annie , says it all. I get the chills every time I look at it and read the caption.

Stay lovely,

P.S. – If you have a J’adore la vie moment of your own, email me at heather[at]fortheloveofkale[dot]com! A picture of that moment with a one paragraph caption is all you need. Keep tweeting and Instagramming with the #jadorelavie hash tag and @thelovekale handle! Together, let’s help people recognize and HONOR these moments of pure joy!

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