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J’adore la vie #4 – Week 2 of #jadorelavie4sandy!

Posted Nov 15 2012 4:36pm

When I returned from Las Vegas two weeks ago, I had a total “ah ha!” moment. While the girls and I were stranded in Vegas and on the verge of going broke, I felt so grateful. I had a home to return to. I had gas in my car. I had food in my pantry. I had a warm, cozy bed to sleep in. It was a total #jadorelavie moment.

My scenario, one that so many of us take for granted every day, was not common on much of the East Coast. Even in my home state of Rhose Island, houses were torn down and yards were destroyed. Somehow, my little neigborhood was safe. When I turned on the news and realized the destruction that Hurricane Sandy had caused, I simply couldn’t stand by and do nothing. My dear friend Erica recently moved to New York with her boyfriend and their apartment is now under water – completely destroyed.

It was time to channel that #jadorelavie moment into something better than myself. I called on spirit and it told me to use my talents and enlist in the troops!

For the ENTIRE month of November, for every #jadorelavie email I receive, I will donate $1 to the  American Red Cross ‘ Hurricane Sandy fund. THESE PEOPLE NEED OUR HELP AND WE CAN DO THIS! Together, we can make a difference in these people’s lives. THEY NEED US! ♥

When you send an email, tweet about it, tag me ( @theloveofkale ), and use the #jadorelavie4sandy and #FitFluential hash tags! 

*Note: Matty and I are each donating $100 (yes – he’s the best boyfriend ever), so I will be capping the entries at $200 (i.e. 200 entries). It’s all we can afford – but please keep those entries coming, regardless! You can always text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to the Hurricane Sandy fund too.



J’adore la vie is a movement encouraging everyone to love life, cherish the present, and savor the moments that make our hearts sing. It’s a mantra that represents letting go of every worry or fear in our lives in exchange for love! We’re going to connect through each other’s happiness! Together, let’s create j’adore la vie!

Breathe. Listen. Dream it. See it. Reach for it. Grab it. Love it. Live it. j’adore la vie.

Today’s  #jadorelavie  quote of the day comes from my morning meditation. Spirit guided me to tell you, “If you ever feel lost, return to love. Return to your truth. You always have your truth.”


Lea had a moment in nature while sitting down to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.


Brittany visited a nearby lake, soaked up the sun, and felt total inner peace.


Kristen says, “A faint rainbow on a rainy day on my way to my favorite workout class: Zumba! What could be better? #jadorelavie”


Virginie is loving life!


Gina sat in stillness with some hot cocoa.


Susie saw her guest post on Meg’s blog and felt a rush of joy!


Emily cuddled with her honey and a cup of tea!


Diana’s niece is wiser than we give most 3-year-olds credit for. ;-)


Julie soaked up the sun while on-campus.


Mary Kate had a super delicious bowl of oatmeal for the first time in awhile.


Brooke  drove to the gym as the sun rose, and a beautiful worship song spoke to her heart.


Roxy and her best friend had some fun taking selfies!


I had a beautiful #jadorelavie moment today when I saw that my guest post on Grow Soul Beautiful has been posted. Check it out if you’d like!

Stay lovely,

P.S. – Don’t forget to submit your #plantPOWER #TurkeyDay recipes! We want to see ‘em! 

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