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j’adore la vie #1

Posted Sep 20 2012 11:17am

You know those moments of pure bliss? Those moments in which you stop, drop, and appreciate? Those moments are j’adore la vie. They make our hearts explode with love and perfect complacency. We are so content in those moments that we feel like we could die in that very instance and be happy. We deserve to feel this way every day of our lives – and that’s what j’adore la vie is all about!

J’adore la vie is a movement encouraging everyone to love life, cherish the present, and savor the moments that make our hearts sing. It’s a mantra that represents letting go of every worry or fear in our lives in exchange for love! We’re going to connect through each other’s happiness! Together, let’s create j’adore la vie!

Breathe. Listen. Dream it. See it. Reach for it. Grab it. Love it. Live it. j’adore la vie.

Before you read these submissions, pop on a calming i HeartRadio playlist (Sigur Ros or The Album Leaf are my favorites) and bask in everyone’s positive energy. By the end of this post, I hope you feel calm and relaxed yet energized!


Sarah  shares two of the most important people in her life and her most reliable companion.

“This picture was taken on my mom’s birthday, when she, my brother and I were celebrating with cake and ice cream in our back yard. Of course the treats were delicious, but it was really being together that brought so much joy to my heart. It’s not often that my family gets to spend time together, so this was really special.”

“This photo was taken with my yellow lab, Cali. She’s my baby, and truly one of the sweetest dogs! She has the ability to comfort me during uncertain and sad times in a way that no person can.”

Kate  shows us the utmost strength, determination, and inner peace with a recent solo Bikram practice.

“This is me in an incredible j’adore la vie moment, or a 私は人生を愛して moment! Post full-90 minute Bikram session in my apartment in Japan. I was able to heat the room to about 95 degrees, and had tremendous strength and focus throughout the length of the asanas. It felt like I was in my own studio. :)  In final savasana, I had that post-Bikram high that’s unlike anything else. But more importantly, I truly felt like myself for the first time since moving to Japan — which is really saying something, because my life has changed in so many ways over the last month.  This practice is so important to me — and in this moment — I truly love life.”

Diana  shows us how precious true friendship is.

“I don’t get to spend time with my best friend (who lives 1,200 miles away!) very often. Lunch after yoga at a sunny, vegan cafe with my long-distance best friend. Healthy, Happy, Calm. J’adore la vie!”
Jo shows us how nature can bring you the utmost amount of peace and tranqulity.
“This is at the Canadian Rockies, at Waterton Lakes Natl Park, where I try to spend most of my free time. I feel so at peace when I’m in the mountains – being there instantly grounds me, and fills me with joy.”

“This is one of my most treasured memories, and took place this past spring in Hawaii. My husband and I were on a near-empty beach, and as I floated around in the Pacific, my heart was exploding with excitement, gratitude, purpose and peace. I remember that little voice inside me whispering, ‘this is what your life is for. That day serves as a lesson and reminder that, even though I can’t be in paradise everyday, I can create my own piece of paradise within myself. :)
Patti was reunited with her dog!
“I was separated from my puppy for FOUR MONTHS while I was in a show that would house me, but not my dog. Here’s Penny and I back together at last!”
Meg got her silly on with her mom!
“Sooooo, you could say I was in my element just loving life in this pic! I have a baby bell wax wrap on my nose and was dancing in the car with my Mom ;) !!!!”
Gina  reminds us of the beauty in a tech break! 
Sloane  let go of her thoughts and totally enjoyed her swim!
Alyssa  has a moment of total awe at her New York City skyline view.
Brittany ( @beermeamartini ) enjoyed home-brewed coffee in the early morning.
Sara ( @runninginpink ) had pizza and wine in her new home!
Brittany ( @brinnyx3 ) worked her tail off all week and ended it by kickin’ her legs up with a glass of white wine.
Lisa ( @lisa_lately ) got her favorite coffee from Starbucks on a sunny day.
Elyse  spread her arms up to the sky in gratitude for the warmth the sun brings.
Meghan  enjoyed her version of a perfect Saturday.
Cait  experienced a moment of pure joy and honest laughter!
I am blown away by all of your love for j’adore la vie! Please keep it going. Spread it to your friends and family.  When you call your loved ones today, ask them what their j’adore la vie moment is today and have them email/Tweet/Instagram away! This community will survive with your constant love and support. Thank you so much!
Stay lovely,
P.S. – Huge thank you to Jay for creating the j’adore la vie logo! It takes a special person to really care about and understand someone’s vision while offering their own personal touch. You’re amazing, Jay. Thank you for helping to create this community!
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