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Ive met my match!

Posted Jan 10 2010 7:40pm

I used to think there was never a fruit or vegetable I didnt like until I picked up this juicy number at the grocery store. It had potential. Melon? Yup…I like melons…..


Looked tasty enough…


Final verdict…hit the trash! Grosssssss! It had a weird flat acidic taste to it. Bleh, funky texture (mealy) and overall nasty. I cant even describe it. Even when things are gross I still have my husband try them.

“Eww this is sssoo disgusting, wanna try?” haha. But not this time. Maybe I just got a bad one at the store or something. But now I can officially say I've met my fruity match.

Moving on though today started out like any other day. Its a gorgeous 75 degrees out and I whipped up myself a big bowl of oats and some eggnoggin’ coffee and then hit the road for the gym for a rocking spin class. After that was a quick swing by Whole Foods for some staples. (I was out of squash and almond butter!) and when I went to put my groceries in the trunk I saw this…


Really?! Not even a note. I'm not a fanatic about my car at all and seriously it would have been way more of a hassle to deal with the insurance companies to just bang out a small dent. So I would have just let it go. But it kind of irked me they didn't say anything or leave a freakin note. Its not even like a small knick either! That's a decent size hit to my car. So not cool.

Ok done now. I'm just more ticked that they didn't say anything is all. Aahh well! I believe in Karma big time so its ok.

Came home and unpacked the groceries then time for lunch. I ended up with a salad. Big shock! I made a quick dressing using some strawberry jelly, balsamic Vinegar, mustard and black pepper.


and lots of apple and yogurt action!


I was so excited since I finally got to try out the Core Fusion DVD that I had!


I was a little sore from spin this morning but I still wanted to try it out. So I moved the coffee table and set up my little mat.


The dvd requires you to have a chair available, some small weights and a belt. Its divided up into 5-10 minutes sections which are: arms and upper body, legs, glutes, abs and then some stretching. This is such a fantastic workout. Whew. Ive tried other workout dvds and never felt like I got too great of a workout from them but this one hurt! You basically use all your own body weight in order to do different lifts and strengthening exercises. I LOVED it. Very sore now but sooo worth it! Im doing the 30 day challenge with Dori and cant wait to see my results. Its was about $12 bucks at Best Buy. Totally worth the cash in my opinion!

After that I made myself a huge glass of hibiscus tea.


I added a little vanilla stevia and it tasted like fruit punch. Completely delicious and refreshing!

Then I embarked on massive amounts of cleaning. It was such a productive Sunday. Not just beauty cleaning but like ripping stuff out of cabinets and rearranging stuff type cleaning. Glad that's over with though! I got some great looking shrimp and made up a little seafood zucchini pasta toss.


I flavored it all up with some parsley, basil, lemon juice, red pepper flakes, black pepper and a bit of parmesan. Really hit the spot.


So over all despite the fact that someone smooshed my car I still had an excellent day. Have you ever had anything like this happen to you? Im also on a huge make your own sauces and dressings kick. Any favorite go too mixtures you have created lately?

Workout song for today - “Fever” by Cascada

I hope you all have a wonderful and fabulous start to your week.


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