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It Was The Best of Times, It Was The Worst of Times

Posted Jan 02 2010 5:17am
It's hard to categorize 2009 as a good year or bad year. There was plenty of good, but much of it is overshadowed by bad.

The year started out with grand plans. I was finally going to hit that weight goal and was finally going to crack the 1,000 mile barrier for both running and cycling. With four half marathons and a full on the schedule, I'd need my feet to stay healthy, but I figured that the mileage goals would be hard to miss with those big runs planned.

Unfortunately, early in January, my professional life came to a halt as I was laid off from my job after 19 years. With a decent severance package, I didn't worry too much early on. There was plenty of time to get working. As the days became weeks and weeks became months, it's suddenly 2010 and I'm still not employed. This cast a pall over the last half of the year as I struggled to keep positive.

The layoff was great for cycling. In June, I rode more than 300 miles, much of it with my neighbor, also laid off. Good news for him that his layoff was short. By the end of the year, I had eclipsed 1,100 miles, beating 2008 by 200 miles including a return to the Seagull Century and a new ride at the Covered Bridges ride, both of which I look forward to annual rituals.

As for running, there was tremendous progress here as well. I completed four half marathons between March and May and trained for the Marine Corps Marathon in October. Over the course of the year, my times continued to improve. Though my weight was stagnant for most of the year, I credit my new found speed to weight workouts and the morning boot camp.

When the marathon training heated up with more and more miles, I dropped my strength program. There is no question in my mind that this had a negative effect on the marathon as I slowed considerably and a toe issue as well as illness the week leading into the marathon really impacted my endurance. Though I did finish, I feel like there is unfinished business there.

After the marathon, my running essentially stopped. With 860 miles run, I beat 2008 by 300 miles, but still fell short of my elusive goal, which was well within reach at the end of October.

The scale was my nemesis as I stagnated around 230 for most of the year. Given the volume of training through the summer, to stay even was a true disappointment, and I knew that if I stopped training or even slowed my routine, I'd need a big change in my diet. Ultimately, I proved myself right on the money here (see my last post!)

So that is the year in review. Stay tuned for 2010 goals . . .

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