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It sure feels good :)

Posted Jul 12 2012 7:45am
I must admit that I am pretty proud of myself. I went out for a wog last night.

How do I feel after the wog?
Hot and sweaty - a good thing because that means that I worked out and didn't sit on the couch playing Bingo Bash!
Free - all the bad joujou from today is gone, like I left it behind during my run. Try to catch me! :)

A little achy - I don't feel the pain in the back of my thighs like I did after my first wog this week. I do feel tightness in my abs though. The thing is I didn't do abs! I wonder why? (note to self: research this)
Disappointed - since I am utterly honest with you on this blog, I didn't think it would be right for me to skip this one. I'm disappointed because it felt like I ran faster than on monday but turns out I ran a bit slower.
Music - today's wog was to the tunes of AC/DC and Green Day (I still didn't get a chance to put my playlist together)

Confessions of a wogger: I had a bowl of ice cream today. I know I promised no more sweets because as I explained they are the devil demons that helped me gain the extra pounds. Why did I have the bowl then? Because with the emotional difficult day that I had, I had decided not to go out for my wog tonight. This of course was when I got home. But as I was sitting on the couch checking my friend's Facebook status, I had a second thought about things and I gave myself a kick in the butt and I got out there. I have to admit that I'm happy that I did! :)
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