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It's monday, monday, monday....

Posted Aug 01 2011 9:19pm
A new week, and the start of a new month! Can you believe it's already August? Time really flies!

And with the new month upon us, I'm going to start doing monthly recaps because posts tend to get buried and why not? It's always fun to look back on things.

So here's some fun stuff that went down in July
  • We set up the crib and I won a Spa day!  
  • I joined Pinterest  
  • I talked about how to stay motivated while pregnant  
  • I revealed what happens behind a belly shot  

  • Breakfast
    Leftover veggie & chicken sausage stratta with a protein waffle on the side. Love my BB's! And by "bb" I mean "big breakfasts".....not big booties you freaks.

    Though, I do admire a nice booty every now and then, à la the gorgeous Jessica Biel anyone?

    Okay moving on.

    In my waffle: buckwheat, flax, cinnamon protein powder, milk, and pecans. Heaven.


    Today I had lunch with a few wives from my husband's unit. And the chosen spot for lunch? Chili's. YUCK. Call me a snob but I hate chain restaurants like this. Their food is usually laden with so much sodium and calories, it's disgusting. And you see those big delivery trucks behind those kinds of restaurants all the time? Yeah, they're delivering frozen crap. And yeah, nothing is made from scratch in these places.

    Gag me with a spoon, please.

    I did the best I could there. I ordered the turkey & avocado club on wheat texas toast with no mayo and a house salad with no dressing on the side. And yes, I ate those fries. They were disgustingly good and I don't regret it one bit!

    On a side note, iphone pictures suck. I love my iphone but the droid pics are so much clearer and brighter!

     Dinner was just a quick, easy dinner thrown together before my yoga class. Nothing special. However, if you follow my twitter you would know that this sweet potato took it's sweet little time to cook. I thought I was going to miss my class!

    First world problems, right?

     Grilled salsa chicken, salad and a spicy sweet potato. And look at all that color on my plate, yum!

    Yoga and an easy 3.5 mile run. I happen to be the only pregnant chick in our yoga class so it's always a little embarrassing to sit out on a few of the poses but the belly, albeit still quite small, gets in the way for a number of poses.

    Oh well.

    Now I'm hot and sweaty again (Fall, where are you!?) so I'm off to take my second shower of the day (there goes our water bill again) and hopefully try to get to sleep before midnight. It's my new goal for this month, haha!
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