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It’s Labour Day, so let’s talk about my Summer Reading List

Posted Sep 29 2009 4:09pm

Happy Labour Day!! I hope you’re enjoying this three day weekend, especially with all the sunshine and blue skies we’ve been having! I got to spend some time with Jess & Jessica   SANY2072SANY2074on Saturday night before heading to Joey’s show. SANY2107Jess’ new apartment is super cute and it was nice to see Jessica while she was in town! My best friend Melly came to the show, which was awesome and the guys played a good set to a pretty decent sized crowd. It was a fantastic evening with great friends and awesome music!

I’m happy to report that I got through a lot of the books on mysummer reading list, plus a few others!

Sleeping Naked Is Green-Vanessa was recently chewed outby a writer from the New Yorker who ripped apart strangely chosen selections from the book and said that the challenge was an “incoherent” eco-stunt. Um, what?

The original point ofVanessa’s blogwas that she was going to make changes in her life, every day for a year, to better the environment. The blog was eventually turned into a book. Both the blog and the book have been read by many many people and both mediums have inspired people (including myself) to make some changes in their lives. What’s wrong with that? You can read my full reviewhere.

I talked about my thoughts onThe Writing Diet,Meals that Heal Inflammation,Go Dairy FreeandBitter Is The New Blackinthis post. You can also check outNikki’s thoughts on The Writing Dietas she was the winner of my giveaway!

While I didn’t read either of Ani’s books, I did check out a couple of Raw books from the library includingEveryday RawandRaw Food/real World. Both had some great recipes in them and I look forward to trying some in the future! While I don’t intend to go Raw or High Raw anytime soon, I like to incorporate raw foods into my diet and I like many Raw recipes because they are almost always gluten and dairy free! I like to think of Raw food as a type of cuisine that I bring into our meal plans each week.

One book that inspired me a lot this summer, was Meghan’s e-book,The Healthy Cookie:Unbaked. I feel like I gush about Meghan like an 8 year old girl would about their third grade teacher, but it’s really excited to have met someone who has had a similar journey and shares a passion for good food!It’s a great readand it seems that I wasn’t the only one who thought so!LaurenandHeatherposted great reviews as well. I’m so happy that Meghan’s story is touching so many people and I can see myself going back certain sections later this year when I need a little inspiration.

I did read one other book… but I’m going to wait to tell you about that book on Wednesday in my next video post! The title of the book would actually give away what it is that I want to talk to you about, and that wouldn’t be any fun now would it? Any guesses (now that I’ve told you it’s nothing like this )?

Did you read any good books this summer? Whatcha reading now that it’s fall? Anything exciting planned for school reading?

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