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It's beginning to look (and feel) a lot like Christmas...

Posted Nov 30 2008 12:21pm
This morning started off with a 9km run with the run club. I have to admit, my warm bed was pretty tempting in comparison to the -1 degree weather outside. But, since the sun was shining and I always end up enjoying our Sunday runs, I dragged myself outta bed and hit the road. I even gathered up enough courage to wear my full length Lululemon running tights...

There's just something about running tights that feel too much like long underwear, or maybe pyjamas...not to mention they show every bump and ripple - but I braved it and stayed nice and toasty.

I ran with some new people from the club today and it was really nice to get to know some new faces. We chatted about past races, training, travelling etc. - the 9km flew by and was over before we knew it!
One of the things we chatted about was the average pace calculator on our Garmins. Hers was set up to only average out the running portions of our 10:1 intervals, and I had mine to set to just average everything, walking and running. I never really thought much about this before. I like the idea of knowing how fast I can run but the fact is, walking is part of how I get to the finish line, so I figured I should factor that in. If you use a Garmin, what do you do?

After getting home and wolfing down some food, I finally got started on decorating my Christmas tree (and the rest of my house). I LOVE Christmas and yes I know it's a bit early for a tree, but hey, looking forward to the 25th is the best part and I just love having the tree and lights up. I've got friends with very specific color schemes for their trees, and I've got some friends who buy all new decorations every year - not me, I've got a big ol' mismatched tree, with all kinds of colors and decorations. In fact, whenever we travel we usually bring home a tree decoration as our souvenir so we've got dice ornaments from Vegas, a glass Rockafeller Centre ball from NYC, a mini sombrero from Mexico, a pewter crab from Baltimore - you get the point.

So here it is in all it's glory for 2008:

Hmm, I should have taken this without the flash so that you could actually see the lights... I just need to buy a star or an angel or something for the top. Maybe I'll just crown it with an old running shoe!

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