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It's Beginning to Look A Lot....

Posted Nov 24 2012 5:26am
You know the rest of the words!

Foodie Chat:

Today I tried to stick with plain fruits and veggies. Tried.

Breakfast: My typical smoothie. I put some extra goodies in there like Maca powder to try and give my body a boost. Lunch: Steamed veggies. Dinner: Yeah, that's when I started grazing. I had some of the green bean casserole. Just a little. It's a good thing I got a good workout in.


I started with a two mile run on the treadmill. I realized that I would get better and better at running. Even if it's slow going. Minute by minute I'll shed some time until I'm ready to run a 5K in the new year.

When I was done I moved on to a circuit workout. Now, if my goal were to gain muscle, have general strength, or to lose fast, I would have started with the circuit workout. But my goal (right now, it could abruptly change at any moment) is to be a decent runner so I need to use my energy for that.

Jeffrey gets a little tired watching mommy. I suppose it's as good of use of the reformer as any.

Let it Snow:

I enjoyed putting up the decorations. Making it look a little more festive in the house. And like I do take an interest in what is going on in the world.


I still need some more things but have a limited budget. Was pretty excited to see this post.

Twitter Chat:

I'm telling you Twitter was pretty quiet today. Perhaps it was hopping and I just missed it. Can't wait to get my tablet back on Monday when I'll have my charger on hand.

If you have little one's at home you'll really appreciate this...

Don't you love it when that happens the day after a holiday? I always did! You can see Chelsea's cut little guy over at her blog  Diamonds, Dog Tags and Diapers

Small Talk:

Did you skip Black Friday to do some decorating? Are you doing the  Runners World 2012 Running Streak? Are you eating left overs?
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