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It's Been One Of Those Days.....

Posted Jan 29 2013 6:50pm
Good evening Beautiful,

Yes, it's been one of those days. I came home, cracked open a nice bottle of white and climbed directly into my sweat pants and sweater. January is almost over, and that is great because honestly - it's driving me MENTAL! 

I've been doing great with workouts this week so far! Jenny and I did some deadlifting, row's, lat pulldowns, straight arm pressdowns and some plank walks and renegades... thanks to the trainers I worked out with last week for teaching me these great exercises! Today my back and hamstrings are sore from the deadlifting, but that was to be a given.

Today I wanted to just run, destress, vent my anger on the treadmill and get a massive sweat going... so I put the treadmill on at 6.0 (I usually run at like 6.3, but today I didn't feel like it) and ran for 30 minutes straight with no walk breaks. I had a great sweat when I was done and felt amazing. Less stressed and ready to take on the world. The run was really great though and I listed to my fav singer the whoooole time - MJ! Here's the playlist I had (in case you are now inspired to download some Michael Jackson now but don't know where to start)
The Way You Make Me Feel
Off The Wall
Black or White
They Don't Really Care About Us
Smooth Criminal

I think that's what I listed to. Regardless, I'm a huge MJ fan, always have been and always will be. I remember playing the music videos over and over again on the computer so I could teach myself the choreography in my living room. I still remember some of the classic dance moves from his videos... it's so great. I had all of his CDs, and I still have Thriller on vinyl. I had his Barbie doll growing up as well. I gave it away to a friend who also adores MJ, I totally should not have done that.. oh well!

Anyways, today a guy from our Marketing Events team came in to our office (the manager actually) and he told me about the Oakville Mercedes-Benz 10km run in April. It's a timed race and the finishers medals look like this

COOL RIGHT? It's like a Mercedes car... except around your neck :). Turns out he had some comp registrations and offered some to me and other ladies that are going to run it with me... I'm excited to add this medal to my bling collection! I'm a bit nervous that it's fairly soon, 2 months away but I think I can do it. Worst case scenario is I walk part of it. No biggie! Especially if I start training soon... Yay!! New goal :) So excited!

While we're on the topic of exciting news, I got the test results from the first (of many) test I submitted for my Holistic Nutrition course... check it out :)

I blacked out my address. You don't need to know where I live :)
I got 88%!!!! Now... the first thing I thought was "What the hell?? This was an open book test...." and it's true. Technically I should have gotten 100%, there was nothing at all stating I couldn't look up the answers, and it's actually encouraged. However I took the whole weekend to write that exam and I remember on more than 1 occasion getting lazy and guessing because I was sick of looking up things. Turns out when you "guess", you get deducted 12% lol. Oh well! I'm still SO HAPPY with my grade! Go me :). Now if I can do that for everything else I'm graded on in my course, I'll be a Holistic Nutritionist in no time!

I wanted to share this song with you. Sarah Slean is one of my favourite artists and she just happens to be from the great ol' city of Toronto! I heard her live for the first time probably 3 years ago, when Carlton and I had first started dating and we went to the Cavalcade of Lights here at Nathan Phillips Square around Christmas time. She sang this song, and I've been in love since I heard it. However you can only buy it on iTunes if you live in the US... It doesn't make sense at all because she's Canadian, but whatever... I put on this YouTube video every time I get the urge to listen to it

I love this song because it's so fun and so happy! The lyrics are adorable and I love, love, love her voice. Let me know what you think of it - it's definitely a song I listen to when I want to get happy!

Ohhhh right - one last thing... I wanted to share with you..... A SUPER COOL GIVEAWAY!!!!

So Sun Warrior and Raw Elements (being the amazing people that they are) have decided to let me giveaway 1 large bag of Sun Warrior protein and 1 Blender Bottle to one lucky reader!!

Here's what you have to do

Yaaaaye! I can't wait to see who wins. I totally love this protein. It's the only one I've found that doesn't upset my stomach. It's raw, it's vegan.. it tastes great! I bought my large bag for $60 + tax but I know I've seen it other places for $80... so it's not cheap, it's great quality! Get your butt in gear and enter!

What is your next race that you have planned? Do you have a favourite Canadian singer? What songs do you listen to when you want to cheer up?

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