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It's All On the Plate #WIAW No. 7

Posted Nov 14 2012 12:13pm
This morning when I got up I weighed myself. I go through periods of weighing myself every day and periods of not. I hadn't gotten on a scale in a while but I since my workouts were slightly off last week, I thought I'd check in with Mr. Scale.  I was down two pounds. I think I can live with that. Now I need to build me some muscle. Pump. It. Up. 

Isn't it awesome when you lose weight without trying. It's because of what's on your plate. More good than bad. Whole foods not processes. I don't even care what it is. If it's made from whole fresh ingredients it's better for you. I love me some goodies but I don't eat packaged ones any more. Unless they are super healthy packaged ones. Navitas Naturals.  Enter the giveaway. Subliminal hint. You are entering now. 

Plus, if abs are made in the kitchen shouldn't I be spending more time in there? And foods can heal you know. 

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ―  Hippocrates

Once I get home from work my evening pretty much revolves around the cat. Jeffrey was real into the bathroom today. He spent quite a bit of time in the bathtub and on the sink counter. He also got his fat kitty butt stuck on the back of the toilet and couldn't get out (I have one of those shelves that goes over the potty). He would have got into the toilet if I would have let him. But I don't care for the mess. And it's gross. 

I threw in random picture of myself because both the top and bottom were snug a month ago. Now they are comfortable. I feel like busting through the wall like the Kool Aid man, yelling "Oh, Yeah!" But I'd be made with Stevia and no food coloring. 

Food Talk:

On to the WIAW part of the day. Thank you, Jenn, for your awesome blog and helping to spread the food love. 

Breakfast:  Smoothie: Smoothie Complete Protein Powder, blueberries, spinach, banana Lunch:  PB&J. The whole time I was eating it I kept smelling the most delish fragrance in the air. I realized it was pizza. Thought I'd get over it. About half hour later L stopped by my desk and offered me some. It was Imo's Veggie Pizza. As if I'd say no. Yum, yum!  Dinner:  While I baked a pumpkin pie I heated up some of my special Shepherd's Pie. I swear the recipe is coming. 


Got up this morning and got two miles in. I swear my day is better when I get my workout in the morning. But an alarm is never going to happen. I hate those things. I can work out at night if I need to. But anyway, I caught up on my #YogaADay. I really prefer to save it up for after running. 

I'm thinking I'm going to go to run a day with some Yoga, circuit/weight train, rinse repeat. I've really had circuits on my mind. Talk about subliminal messaging. 

What I read:

Okay, I didn't read it. But I was offered a free subscription. So when I get it I can tell you about how awesome Cosmo is and send out Tweets about it's wonderfulness. Because I'm addicted to Twitter.

I also found out that I was admitted to Foodie Blogroll...check out my sidebar. Food love!

Katie at Mom's Little Running Buddy had the funniest story this morning. It's about poop. And kids. You'll laugh. Check it out  here.  

Do you believe foods can heal? If you only have time to do one which do you choose: 8 hours of sleep, workout, eat clean?  
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