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It's all about toning. Hips, Legs, and Glutes.

Posted Dec 19 2012 8:56pm

I woke up to an email from a friend last week titled 9-1-1. I was a little nervous opening it to find that it was more funny and dramatic than a 9-1-1 warrants. Note to friends, please don't title emails 9-1-1!  The gist of the email...I'm getting "saddle bags, these weird pockets of fat on the side of my hips, help a sista out!" I am going to put out a disclaimer that you cannot spot reduce, meaning you cannot target a certain area for weight loss but what you can do is tone an area and lose weight overall.  This is an effective means for transforming those trouble spots.  
To everyone who is looking to tone up their hips, legs, and tush give this workout a try!  You can do them all or incorporate a few into your workout routines.  Complete 1 set of each exercise for 10-20 repetitions, 2-3x per week.  Make sure to complete each exercise on both legs for balance. Start out easy, perfect the form and then attempt to increase the sets and/or repetitions. Any questions feel free to email or comment! I'd love to hear how it goes.

Simple Squat and Squat with Heel Raise

Lateral Lunge with Side Leg Raise

Curtsy Lunge

Front Lunge with Posterior Leg Raise

Clam (make sure to keep your hips stacked!)

Clam + Leg Extension, maintaing rotation at the hip.

Clam with external and internal rotation

Sidelying: Walking (keep hip and upper body stable)

Quadraped Crossover and Abduction (keep your upper body and core strong to maintain stability)

Side Kneeling Leg Lifts + Hamstring Curl (Keep leg in line with body and bend the knee, avoid allowing the knee to come forward)  

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