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It is safe to speak your truth!

Posted Sep 25 2013 9:48am

it’s safe to speak your truth. Always.

In the spiritual community, there is endless talk about speaking your truth, living your truth, and being authentic. It’s over-glamourized and advertised. When I first dove into the topic speaking my truth, I totally idolized the idea of it. The whole concept of speaking my truth and being authentic really hit my core. It lit a fire in my heart. But that was only when it came to reading about it and listening to it.

Practicing it in my own life? Not so much.

It’s safe to speak your truth. Always.
It’s easy to speak your truth. SOMETIMES.

But what most people don’t tell you about speaking your truth is that it’s fucking hard. Like really hard. Especially at the beginning stages of it. 


When we start to speak our truth, we’re training a new group of muscles that we’re not used to working. And it’s really uncomfortable – particularly with the people that we’re really attached to like our parents, our siblings, our friends, and our partner. It’s like we’re re-training people how to treat us. You teach people how to treat you. So, when you start to speak your truth and show up more authentically in your life, you have to be really patient and gentle with yourself. 

Sometimes, the thought of speaking your truth will be scary or surprising or just really uncomfortable. And that’s okay. That’s normal. That’s part of the growing pains of becoming comfortable speaking your truth. And I get it – trust me. I was a bonafide people-pleaser. I thought being nice was the whole purpose of this thing called life. But being nice isn’t really the purpose of life, is it? It’s being present and living FULLY in every moment that you can. And that means showing up for every moment as truthfully you. Now, the core of who you are is loving and is kind, but sometimes you have to be stern to speak your truth and get your point across. That’s not being mean – it’s being real. And you can speak sternly and real in a very kind and loving way.

We’re so afraid to speak our truth because we’ve forgotten how powerful we really are. You, my dear, are so powerful. You have so much love to give and sometimes giving love to yourself comes in the form of standing up for yourself. If you’re afraid of speaking your truth, try this exercise:

Close your eyes, place your hands (with your palms facing upward) on your knees, and breath in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth. Ask the Universe to guide you to make the decision that is of the Highest Good for yourself and for everyone involved

Allow your mind to think of and create an image of the two possible scenarios in your mind. Notice what happens IN your body. Does your heart expand or does your heart feel trapped and constricted?

Whatever decision makes your heart expand is the right choice. Have faith, patience, and courage to choose that options. It’s FOR you!

This has been a big lesson for me and continues to be. This time last year, I really started stepping up and speaking truthfully. I really started to say NO with love to people. Not all the time, of course. Just when it really felt right.

I had a tough choice to make this morning involving my parents. I called my Dad and said no to him with love and the conversation went smoothly and ended lovingly. But only because I did the exercise above. I asked the Universe to guide me to the decision that would work out for the Highest Good for myself everyone involved. Instead of acting on impulse, I stopped and took the 2 minutes to meditate and play out the scenes. As a result, I was able to show up to the conversation with love and confidence, honoring how my Dad was feeling but more importantly standing up for my truth and what was true to me at the moment. I know this is something all of us struggle with. Just know that your truth is always the way to go and the Universe will always support you. Just be open to how  that support manifests into your reality. It might not come in the form that you expect. Don’t miss the miracle!

Stay lovely,


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