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“It Is Just My Luck …”

Posted Nov 13 2009 10:02pm

anvil falling


We often hear people say things like “That’s just my luck” or “These things always happen to me” or “With my luck …”. The interesting thing is that these statements are almost always made in reference to something that has not gone the way we would have wanted it to or to explain that we don’t expect things to work out the way we want them to.

I cringe every time I hear someone use one of these types of statements. I cringe because unknowingly when someone says that it is “Just my luck that something bad will happen” they are simply reinforcing that which they don’t desire!  Note it’s not the power of the words that make these statements so prophetic; it is the emotion behind the thoughts and the words. People truly do walk around waiting for a proverbial anvil to fall on their head. Why, because “that is just their luck”. Ugh!

The reality is that when we feel and say a statement like this over and over again we might as well be asking the Universe directly to bring what we perceive as misfortune upon us. We receive that which we ask for; we receive that which we attach emotion to. The Universe does not distinguish between what we perceive as good or bad, the Universe simply delivers based on the energy that we transmit.

Once you understand and accept that your emotions coupled with your thoughts have the power to create your reality you then begin to understand the impact of believing that “It’s just your luck …”

Next time you hear yourself begin to feel and utter this thought, catch yourself and turn your thought around. You can acknowledge to yourself that in some way you have attracted that into your life which you don’t desire and then say to yourself, “I am not doing this anymore, I live a blessed life and I now attract blessings and wonderment into my life!” The key is that the words themselves will not attract anything; it is the emotions behind your thoughts which create your world!

Amazing things happen to me on a daily basis, and you will often hear me respond to other people, “I live a blessed life” or “That is how my life works”. I truly believe this, these are not empty words, I do live a blessed life and my life does work in amazing ways. The key is that this is no accident, this is the result of understanding the power of my emotions and thoughts and being aware, being conscious. I live a purposeful life and this life is a splendid adventure for me.

The really great thing is that I do not have any secrets or any special tools that make my life great. Each of us has the innate power to create a journey that we love! We each are endowed with incredible gifts. We are each eternal energy. We each emit energy which impacts not only are own journey but also the journey of everyone else, for in the end we are all one.

Know your power, embrace your power, and understand that you real power lies in the core of who you are which is LOVE! In love all things are possible! Have the courage to believe in the possibilities!

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