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It is easy being green & giveaway

Posted Dec 17 2011 10:11pm
Home Food It is easy being green & giveaway

9 comments Dec 16/11 Food, Giveaways, Healthy Eating

Despite what Kermit the Frog may have told you, it is easy being green.



(Side note:  I’m totally obsessed with Kermit and Miss Piggy, and one of my very favorite movies is The Muppets Take Manhattan.  It’s a true classic.)

Clients often tell me that with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it is difficult to work fruits and vegetables into their diets.  This is understandable, especially since cookies seem to be more abundant than carrots during this time of year (except for the carrots that are left out for Santa’s reindeer, of course).

Here are some easy and convenient ways to ensure that you’re still getting some produce in your diet:

  • Make green or fruit smoothies in the morning.  Toss some kale or spinach in a blender along with a banana and some milk, and you’ve got yourself a delicious healthy smoothie!  You can even put it in a thermos and take it to work.  Keep green powders in your pantry (I like this brand) for those times when you’re fridge is bare.
  • Dust off your juicer.  I’ve made no secret of my love for juicing.  Simply put, juicing is an incredible way to infuse your body with tons of vitamins and minerals.
  • Have a side salad with dinner.  Whether you’re eating pasta, pizza, or a burger, you can work in those greens by starting your meal with a salad or having it along with the your meal.  Plus, the fiber will fill you up and prevent you from overeating.
  • Keep fruits and vegetables handy for snacking.  Leave some fruit on your counter and/or keep some veggies cut up in the fridge.  When you get hungry in between meals, these foods are the perfect snack.
  • Go the convenient route.  Fresh is always best, but in a pinch, you can try store-bought green drinks or smoothies (typically found near the produce section of the grocery store).  Odwalla recently came out with some more dairy-free products (my favorite is the green Superfood drink).

Because I want you to get your green on, FIVE readers will receive a coupon good for one Odwalla 12 fluid ounce juice, drink, or smoothie.

All you have to do to win is leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite way to sneak some greens into your day.   The winners will be announced on Tuesday, December 20th.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I like to make a green water to sip on – water, cucumber, celery, greens and lemon. Blend and strain. I try to drink a quart of it a day.

  2. Kim Kelly

    I love broccoli so it isn’t so much sneaking as making a point to eat it every other day, just so my boyfriend doesn’t bore of my veggie selection with dinners ;)

  3. I will pretty much add spinach to anything- smoothies, sandwiches, entrees, soup, nachos,… whatever I’m cooking. It’s so versatile and you get that extra helping of green stuff in. That’s my trick!

  4. I love fruits and veggies. At dinner I completely cover my plate with as many vegetables as possible and when I’m done with those, that’s when I’ll go back and eat the other stuff. So good!

  5. My favorite way to sneak greens in for the day is the typical smoothie approach. Usually I add kale or spinach to my protein smoothie.

  6. I probably eat about 8 to 12 servings of fruits and veggies a day – getting back to eating salads for lunch and putting some green on the plate for dinner. I love having clementines on hand as well as apples and bananas. Have a Great Weekend:)

  7. I love these ideas. Thanks so much for sharing! I could definitely stand to incorporate some more fruits and veggies into my diet!

  8. Lots of salads for lunch, baby carrots and hummus when I get home and always an apple after dinner! Except for the occasional night when I swap in a piece of dark chocolate :)

  9. I luv having a green smoothie everyday! Lately…this past week…I’ve been enjoying a green juice with spinach, apple, splash of lemon juice, stevia & water…zing! :)

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