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It all started with a wish: to find the best anti-aging skin care

Posted Jan 31 2013 1:16pm

There are so many reviews, websites, articles and shows about the best anti-aging skin care that it is almost impossible to filter out the best ways to keep your skin young and radiant.  Unfortunately, in most of the cases, the products proclaimed to be the best anti aging skin care are mostly useless marketing tricks used by the cosmetic companies.  With the years of people becoming more and more vain and afraid of getting old, this has become a billion dollar industry.

The truth about getting the best anti-aging skin care

The truth is, that if you want your skin to be clean, radiant and young you should take care of it from an early age, and not wait until you become 40 to start caring for it.  This means, always washing your face before bed, taking all the make-up off carefully, using sun screen on a daily basis, and keeping the skin hydrated at all times.

We’re not against all the products on the market, claiming that they can offer you eternal youth and perfect skin, but against the fact that some of the producers make empty promises for miraculous anti aging skin care products, which will restore your skin, and remove any wrinkles  in days.  This is simply not possible – not with cosmetic products that is.

Since collagen is crucial for keeping the skin young and lifted and the fact that with age, sun exposure and pollution the collagen production in the body decreases, then the best way to rejuvenate the skin should be by a treatment which replaces the collagen or restores its production in the body.  With age, the body starts producing free radicals, which destroy collagen, which is why the best anti aging skin care today is very much based on antioxidants, which stop these free radicals and destroy them.  This should prevent the further destruction of collagen, and thus stop the skin from sagging and wrinkling.  The question is – do the anti-aging products have such truly effective antioxidants, which can actually help reduce skin aging?

Some antioxidants, which have been found to be actually effective include: idebenone,  coffee berry, green tea, Vitamins C and E, alpha-lipoic acid and kinetin .  Idebenone has been found to very effective, but is also not suitable for people with sensitive skin. Coffee berry extract is also been found to be a very powerful anti-aging antioxidant – it is contained in products, such as: “Future Perfect” by Estee Lauder, the “Revale” cream, and certain anti-aging products by Clinique.

Other anti-aging skin care products boast about their peptides and tripeptides content, which are known to boost collagen production, by triggering the body to “think it is wounded” and respond by increasing collagen to help heal the wound, or in other words to improve the skin and make it look younger.

Another component of the new best anti-aging skin care products include enzymes which claim to repair any DNA in the skin cells damaged by age, the sun and pollution. One of these products is “Remergent” but while the idea sounds great, there is still no scientific proof that such a product will actually work on rejuvenating the skin.

In general, although the idea of using powerful antioxidants, peptides, tripeptides and DNA restoration enzymes sounds perfect for people who want to keep their skin young and great looking, there are no scientifically proven anti-aging skin products which actually can do that.  While we are all waiting for that miraculous product to be invented and introduced to the market, we can all follow some simple steps to keep our skin healthy and young for as long as possible.

One important step is to always clean your face in the morning and especially before going to bed.  The best skin anti-aging products for keeping the face clean from all pollutants, makeup and others are the gentle cleansers available, preferably the ones without fragrance.

During the day, you should always keep the skin hydrated and protected by using the appropriate cream with antioxidants as well as always use sunscreen, preferably with a sun protection factor of 40 or above, and if possible with titanium dioxide as an active ingredient.

At night, after you have thoroughly washed you face from all makeup, pollutants and other residues which can block the pores, you should apply a retinol containing night cream or serum.

Most importantly, the skin should be properly looked after from an early age, and you shouldn’t wait until you are 40 or 50 to begin caring for it, because the damage will probably already be done by then.

So, what do we recommend as the best skin anti-aging product – well, there is no one product which will make your skin suddenly look younger and be healthier, so our recommendation is taking daily care in order to prevent the aging and sagging of the skin.

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