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It All Changes on Vacation Foods

Posted Jan 25 2012 4:00am

The next guest post this week comes from Cynthia of It All Changes . She is an enthusiastic healthy living blogger, and I am always finding new things that we have in common (usually related to allergies.) But today, she is talking about the one thing we all have in common: a love of food while we are on vacation!

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Hello Blunder Construction-ers. My name is Cynthia from It All Changes where I love writing about all the ups and downs of life.

While Halley is enjoying her vacation in San Diego I want to share with you my favorite part of vacation. FOOD! I love to travel but will gladly sacrifice fancy hotels for fantastic food. The best way to experience neighborhoods, countries and cultures is through their food. See how local chefs interpret each ingredient in a new way.

I’ve eaten some interesting things in my travels, including chocolate covered grasshoppers and Brazilian Barbeque chicken hearts. I’ll try anything once. On vacation I’m looking for good or interesting food I can’t find at home. Here are some of my favorites.

While attending Fitbloggin’ 11 in Baltimore, Maryland my roommates and I took a trip to Blue Moon Café . I have a love of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives restaurants so who was I to say no to a featured restaurant.

It was an eclectic little place with food worth the weight. Oh and 4 words Captain Crunch French Toast. I ordered eggs with my allergies but the look on my friends face said this meal was pure heaven.

Many towns have their signature bakeries; Tartine, Magnolia, and my favorite…  Sweet Freedom Bakery .

Everything is allergen free and vegan so I could enjoy anything I wanted but there were so many customers with no allergies at all. I visit every time I’m in Philly to have a perfect treat and order some to send to friends. Just look at the goodness!

Vacation is a break from regular day-to-day and eating is part of the adventure. With food allergies I make sure to check menus ahead for local restaurants to fit my needs and then enjoy.

Whenever traveling to Maine everyone suggests fresh seafood but there’s so much more. David’s Creative Cuisine is in Portland with changing specials and fresh local ingredients.

Besides who doesn’t love food that looks pretty too. A Vegetable Napoleon with truffle oil. Stacked high with the and almost too pretty to eat…almost.

Don’t be afraid to try new foods, step outside of your comfort zone and enjoy your vacation as a whole and not just a trip. You hear that Halley!? Enjoy the food along with all the fun in San Diego.

What is the best food you’ve had on vacation?

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Thanks, Cynthia! Be sure to click over to It All Changes to read on!

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