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It’s not the illness…it’s the immune response

Posted Oct 31 2011 6:14pm

A recent article in a Canadian newspaper has some interesting immune health suggestions and pronouncements I had not seen before.

The story talks about preparing your immune system for cold and flu season, as though your immune system is a downhill skier and needs to be exercising regularly, otherwise, the start of ski season and that big downhill run will produce sore, stiff muscles.  It compares that to the idea that protracted symptom duration is a function of poor, “out of shape”  immune response, not the virulence of the bug itself.  That’s a big 10-4 in my book and I’ve posted similar views here as well.

The story also says that “one teaspoon of sugar decreases immune function by 50 per cent for four hours.” I had not heard that before now, and would like to get some sourcing on that. I written about consuming too much processed sugar harming immune function, but had not seen that kind of “response ratio.” Interesting.

The story ends with something about “flu kit” vials. Not sure what that refers to. But all in all, it’s a good reminder that people can do a number of things–diet, exercise, sleep, stress management, supplementation–to keep their immune system in shape and ready for the winter cold/flu season.

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