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It’s Happened

Posted Dec 03 2012 12:03pm

You know those stick figure families that people put on their cars? I have one now – of me and the dog. I find it absolutely hilarious.

It’s fitting too, considering that I’ve turned into the definition of a crazy dog lady.

We all knew it was going to happen sooner or later.

My parents are moving this week, and they’ve been slowly selling all their furniture on Craigslist. What hasn’t been sold has been moved to storage.  This weekend they cleared out pretty much everything they had left, and the house is feeling pretty empty.

It’s weird, and a little sad. There’s just over a week in between the time they need to be out of their house, and when they take posession of the new one. Meaning for 9 days, they’re homeless. They’ve found a place to stay, but that means for those 9 days, Lexie has nowhere to go while I’m at work. Obviously, leaving her alone for 9 hours at a time in my miniature home wasn’t an ideal option, so like any sane person would do, I booked the time off work.

See? I told you I’ve turned into a crazy dog lady.

Even Lexie thinks it’s ridiculous.

The timing works out really well though. My last class before my one and only final exam is on Thursday, which also happens to be my first vacation day. I will have a break from school and work at the same time.

And considering that while my parents spent the weekend getting in some good old fashioned manual labour, I sat on their floor and did homework for two straight days, I’d say it’s about time for a break.

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