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It’s Cookout Time! Tasty & easy home made mayo for your Memorial Day cookout.

Posted May 21 2013 8:49pm

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start to the summer. And by summer I really mean the season of cook outs. What better time to talk about why you should be making your own mayonnaise? Home-made mayonnaise is delicious I mean lick the spoon delicious. The only thing possibly better than the fact that it tastes way better than any store-bought brand is:

  1. it’s super easy to make
  2. it will save you money
  3. people will be impressed that you make your own :-)
  4. you won’t be eating any sketchy man-made oils

Why should you invest the 5 minutes it takes to make your mayonnaise from scratch when buying it is just so easy? Simply put, store-bought mayo is usually made with questionable ingredients and low quality seed oil. Canola oil is one of the most common oils found in store-bought mayonnaise because it’s supposed to be a heart healthy super star vegetable oil. But do you even know what canola oil is? Basically it’s a made up name that comes from can (Canada) and ola (oil). It comes from a bright yellow plant that comes from the Brassica family that includes broccoli, kale, and mustard seeds. (1) Sure I could explain & describe exactly how canola oil is made, but actually seeing how it’s made with your own eyes provides a much better wow factor. Check this video out from the Discovery & Science Channel.

What cracks me up the most with this “educational video” is how it starts off by saying how “canola oil is one of the healthiest cooking oils. When compared to olive, sunflower, and soybean because it has the lowest level of saturated fat, 7%. It also contains more healthy omega 3 fatty acids and is high in monounsaturated fat which lowers cholesterol.” Um seriously? This video is only a little over a year old and it leaves me with a face palm and wondering if any real research was done prior to recording. If you are scratching your head right now confused & wondering why the quote I pulled from the video is heinously wrong, then I invite you to do some research of your own. Click here for 17 links to a variety of articles that specifically talk about cholesterol, saturated fat and unsaturated fat. Maybe you missed my post called Unlearning What You Know About Cholesterol . I will say to you exactly what I say to my students; don’t believe me-do your own research and decide for yourself.

You only need to watch the video for 2 minutes to really get a glimpse as to how the oil is made. They describe how the canola seeds are washed with a chemical solvent for 70 minutes to remove as much oil as possible. Then the oil enters the refining phase where it gets washed with sodium hydroxide. Um, I haven’t taken chemistry since college but what the heck is that? A quick Google search taught me that sodium hydroxide is a “very strong chemical that is known as lye or caustic soda. It is found in many household solvents and cleaners, including floor stripping products, brick cleaners, cements, etc.” (3)

Yes ladies & gentlemen you read that correctly. Canola oil is processed with the same chemical that could be used to strip your floor….awesome. Now I could stop right here and my case against canola oil would be proven, but in case you don’t take the 5 minutes to watch the whole video, I want you to know that the chemical processing doesn’t end here. The finished oil product ends up getting bleached to lighten the color and then it gets steam injected to remove the “canola odor.” Not really sure what the canola odor is, but I am pretty sure if it stinks to the point of needing to be steam injected, then I don’t want eat it and I certainly don’t want to feed

Thick & creamy mayo-done in 1 minute!

Thick & creamy mayo-done in 1 minute!

that stuff to my family! If you are someone where you would prefer to read about how bad vegetable oils and margarine is for you, or if you are looking for another source to send to friends or loved ones (in addition to this great post!), I invite you to check out WellnessMamas post here . This was my go-to post to send along when I was asked about why margarine & seed oils are so bad for you. Now I can send my own :-)

Paleo Mayo



4 Egg Yolks

1 tbsp lemon juice

2 tsp apple cider vinegar

½ tsp ground mustard

¼ tsp salt

1 ½ cup Extra Light Olive Oil

Using a food processor, combine egg yolks through salt until thoroughly combined.

With food processor running, add olive oil to drip spout until finished. If you do not have a drip spout and mixing my hand using a wire whisk, then drip olive oil in slowly.
The mayo should last for about 2 weeks in the fridge. I usually make a full recipe when I am making salad dressing or sweet potato salad & have enough for extra for the week. I will do a half batch to just have some on hand in the fridge for deli roll ups or sandwiches.

I hope that I have persuaded you to give making your own mayonnaise a try. It really is very easy and fast, especially if you have a food processor with a drip spout. I literally dump all the oil into the drip spout and my mayo is done in 1 minute. Let me know in the comments if you try it and what you used it in. Enjoy!


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