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It’s Almost Here; Raw Beauty – Ditch the Make Up and Reveal Your Natural Glow!

Posted Nov 19 2012 8:49pm

I am super super stoked to announce that my next eBook is almost finished and about to be released later this week!

Raw Beauty – Ditch the Make Up and Reveal Your Natural Glow contains all the beauty tips and tricks I have discovered over time and incorporated into my beauty routine with awesome results.  Here are some snippets to get your juices flowing ;)

From the introduction;

“The skin especially is a good indicator of a persons health, and that is why good looking skin at all ages has become the cornucopia of the beauty industry. You can not open a magazine or watch TV without being reminded of the importance of a flawless complexion. Youngsters dealing with batshit crazy hormones are lured into ingesting daily hormones (the pill) or use topical (at best) harsh chemicals to fight the problem. Adults and young adults who are coping with stress, bad dietary choices and an accumulation of environmental toxins are persuaded into plastering layers of suffocating foundation on their faces. And when a woman becomes of a certain age, she is made to believe she needs (very expensive!) anti-wrinkle creams and potions. It’s a tough job being a woman in todays society.”

From the chapter ‘What makes a beautiful skin?”

How to Achieve an Even complexion, Small Pores and Radiance

  • Exfoliation
  • Eliminate inflammation (clean diet)
  • Hormonal Balance 
  • Detoxification 
  • Healthy organs 
  • Sufficient supply of beauty nutrients
  • Proper blood circulation
  • Antioxidants
  • Hydration

“Exfoliation might be the most important part of a beauty regimen. We speed up the process of skin rejuvenation when we remove dead skin cells. Exfoliation improves circulation and gives your face a fresh (quite literally!) look, and can help prevent and reduce scarring. All of these things result in a better looking complexion.

Exfoliation is an ancient and time-proven scar treatment. According to G. Vezzoni and G.M. Vezzoni in “Textbook of Dermatologic Surgery,” the ancient Egyptians mixed combinations of oil, fat, honey and date juice to create an exfoliating scrub; the ancient Babylonians created exfoliants by mixing alabaster powder and salt or pumice. Exfoliants reduce scar tissue by removing damaged skin cells and stimulating production of fresh, healthy cells.”

From “the problem with make up” chapter

“Not wearing any make-up gives you a lot of freedom. It gives you the freedom to pop out of bed and look like yourself, not like the less glamourous version of yourself. Not wearing any make-up means you save yourself the hassle of having to remove it every night, only to start all over again 8 hours later. No make-up gives you the freedom to cry whenever you feel like it and not look like Courtney Love afterwards. It gives you the freedom to walk or cycle through the rain and not look like a Halloween monster when you arrive at your destination.

By not wearing any make-up, you learn to appreciate, and over time love, your true beauty, as opposed to the ‘enhanced’ you. “

Topical Raw Beauty Products

In this chapter I have listed the very best food-grade beauty products, per category; cleansers, exfoliators, toners, moisturizers, spot treatment & tooth care.

Oils (Oil Cleansing Method)

Don’t freak out here, oil is a great cleanser and will not cause oily skin to break out (please refer to the Skin Types section for more info!). Many acne sufferers swear by the oil cleansing method.

Like dissolves like. Oil dissolves oil. So by cleansing your face with oil, you actually help restore oil balance in your skin. Your skin will feel smooth and soft and your skin will not feel the need to produce a lot of excess sebum (oil) because your skin feels dry and irritated (the effect chemical products cause). By using the right type of oils you can use oils to both cleanse and moisturize, and many oils posses both qualities. Score!

Putting oil on your skin, especially if you are prone to oily to combination skin, means that you can “trick” your human skin into producing less oil, thus reducing your face’s shiny appearance without extra layers of make-up that can further aggravate your sensitive skin.

Basically any oil is effective at cleansing and purifying your face but castor oil in particular is very cleansing. It can draw out toxins and impurities from the pores and certain fatty acids can disinfect the skin which helps prevent acne outbreaks. Castor oil is sometimes referred to as wonder oil!

Simply rub on your face, leave for 10 minutes, and wash of with warm water and a towel. When using it to remove make-up, put a little oil on a cotton pad or towel and gently rub over your face. Wash with lukewarm water.

Salicylic Acid Peel

Salicylic acid is a compound naturally occurring in foods. When applied topically, (extracted) salicylic acid is used to help clear and prevent pimples and skin blemishes in people who have acne. Topical salicylic acid is also used to treat skin conditions that involve scaling or overgrowth of skin cells such as psoriasis (a skin disease in which red, scaly patches form on some areas of the body). Salicylic acid works anti-inflammatory and helps to immediately reduce acne spots, is effective at reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improving overall facial texture because it exfoliates both the skin surface and within pores. The acid is also known to break down blackheads and whiteheads as well as other types of acne. Salicylic acid is especially helpful in treating acne because of its ability to penetrate the follicle. It encourages the shedding of dead skin cells from within the follicle, helping keep the pores clear of cellular debris. In this way, it reduces the number of pore blockages and breakouts on the skin.

Fruits that are high in salicylic acid are blueberries, blackberries, apricot, cantaloupe, tomatoes, avocado and clementines (mandarins). Mash up any of these fruits and apply to the face liberally a few times a week if you suffer from acne, blackheads and oily skin. I personally prefer using avocado as it sticks to the face easily, moisturizes, and is inexpensive when using leftovers from the peel!

Beauty Routines

Reducing Scarring

  1. To reduce old acne scars or any other scars you may have, make a blend of 50% frankincense essential oil and 50% jojoba oil or raw coconut oil, and apply this to the scar daily. The frankincense oil has the ability to break down the thick scar tissue (keloid) and makes the skin softer and the scar will fade.
  2. Daily gentle exfoliation (dry brushing) followed by aloe vera fresh from the plant will greatly reduce visible scarring
Raw Beauty Foods & Supplements

Burdock Root (Arcticum Lappa)

Burdock root is a very powerful blood cleanser and used by many to help with acne issues. Burdock root is considered powerful medicine in herbal traditions. It clears excess heat and toxins from the body. In the West burdock is known to cleanse the blood, and is useful in situations such as:

Burdock is a favorite among herbalists to treat acne. It supports the liver in cleansing the blood, and clears skin redness and blemishes.

Burdock is available as a tea or as a tincture. The tincture form is much stronger and thus more effective.

Use Argan oil as a hair mask as following; drop a few drops of the oil onto the scalp and massage your entire hair with the oil. Brush so that the oil gets evenly distributed. Wrap your hair in a warm, damp towel and leave for 15-20 minutes. Rinse and wash your hair thoroughly to get the oil out.

Spray a little Argan oil on your brush to infuse your hair lighty with the oil on a daily basis.

Liquid Silicon

Silicon is a mineral and an integral part of our hair, skin and nails, as it is essential for the synthesis of collagen and keratin. Most food sources of silicon (beets, peas, beans and dark green leafy vegetables are rich in silica, as are whole grains, avocados, onions and bell peppers) don’t supply us with enough silicon due to processing of the foods and because the silicon is not very bio-available to us, and the foods simply don’t consume enough silicon when eaten in moderate quantities. Considering this, it is a good idea to supplement with liquid silicon if you suffer from thinning, brittle hair and nails, and sagging, aging skin. Any excess silicon is excreted by the body straight away so there is no harm in supplementation. Liquid silicon is a part of my ‘Holistic Skin Tonic’.

Beauty Recipes

Refreshing & Toning Face Gel 

I love cucumber on my face but I always find the sliced cucumber technique a bit of a hassle (they never seem to stay put now do they?) so I came up with this. I gave the recipe a little extra ‘oomph’ by adding aloe vera gel but feel free to omit.

Simply blend together a chunk of cucumber (skin and all, if organic) and aloe vera gel from an aloe plant. You can use this gel as a day cream by applying a little bit and letting your skin soaking it up, or apply a thick layer for a hydrating mask.

Store leftovers in a little glass jar in the fridge, it will keep for about 4 days.

Are you just as excited for the release of this eBook as I am?

Of course the release of my baby comes with a cool deal you can’t miss out on, so keep your eyes peeled!

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