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It’s a….

Posted Feb 06 2013 4:30am



Meet our sweet baby “A” already rocking out in the womb ;)

You have no idea just how unbelievably excited I am to share that our next beautiful baby will be a sweet baby girl! I had been secretly hoping for one for awhile now but never wanted to admit it out loud in fear of jinxing anything, haha. I know, that’s a ridiculous thought but hey, I speak the truth.

Last week I went in for my first ultrasound of the appointment and because I hadn’t had one yet, I was so nervous that there would be two babies in there or none at all (not that I wouldn’t have minded having twins haha). I know plenty of women had gone through their pregnancies without ever seeing the contents of their uterus but I don’t know how they did it! It was so nerve wracking not knowing whether or not I had a healthy baby. So when the screen popped up and I saw our little bean, I immediately burst into happy tears. The baby was there, had all five fingers and toes, and was measuring along perfectly. HUGE sigh of relief.

Then the ultrasound tech announced the sex and I just about lost it right then and there. I know everyone says that all they care about is having a healthy baby, and while I definitely agree, it’s amazing to know that we’ll be having one of each. I seriously can’t wait to see my husband bond with our little girl and to see Caleb as a big brother to his little sis. I can’t wait to braid her hair, take her on mommy and daughter dates, to cuddle with her, and to gang up on the boys with her, hah.

As for the hubs, I didn’t get to talk to him till the day after since he was out in the field but when he found out, I was surprised to see how happy he was. He’s stoked to have a little girl and can’t stop talking about how excited he is. He’s adorable, that man ;)

And here are the only purchases I’ve made so far for our girl (forgive my horrible lighting). Anyone else dying over how adorable the leopard print mary janes are?!


I’ve got a gorgeous modern bohemian nursery all planned out but since we’re probably moving right after we have this baby, I’m trying to refrain from shopping until we know for sure what our next living arrangements will be like. But I have to admit that it’s SO hard staying disciplined, girly stuff is actually freaking adorable.

And I realize that I haven’t been very diligent with blogging about this pregnancy so I’m finally sharing a belly pic with ya, taken earlier tonight.

My due date was moved up to June 20th so I’m 20 weeks (and a day or two?).

For comparison sake, here’s me at 20 weeks pregnant with Caleb.


Notice the difference? I’m a lot bigger with this pregnancy and I definitely feel it. I’m slower when it comes to working out and while I’m still trying to maintain some intensity with CrossFit, running and yoga, I’m definitely not working out as intensely as I was with Caleb. I think I’ll get back into swimming soon once I find a new sporty 2 piece suit.

I’ve also noticed that I’m eating a lot more with this pregnancy. My hunger is insatiable and I eat ALL day as opposed to just eating the standard breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t plan on weighing myself with this pregnancy (only when I go in for OB visits) and I actually haven’t, mainly because our scale is dead and I’m too lazy to get a new battery to try and revive it. I feel like I may have already gained close to 20lbs and I can definitely tell that I’ve gained weight all over.

But you know what? I actually don’t care! To be honest, I’m pretty surprised with how relaxed I’ve been about my weight with this pregnancy. I’m just so happy to be pregnant again and to have a healthy baby girl on the way. I can always lose the weight later since I know what it takes – not that it means I’ll completely let myself go or anything. I still do my best to make sure I’m eating healthy with the occasional treat; I juice every morning with a vegetable juice, take my prenatal and fish oil pills every night, avoid medication, and I’m still religious about my natural skin care routine (rockin’ a coconut avocado mask right now actually!).

And just because, I’ll do one of those popular pregnancy surveys you see all over blogland:

  • How far along? 20 weeks
  • Weight Gain/Loss: See above. Summery: Not sure.
  • Maternity Clothes: None yet, but I’m getting close to that point where my clothes are starting to get uncomfortable.
  • Sleep: I can sleep like a champ the second I lay in bed but I get up a gazillion times to pee. Ugh.
  • Best moment so far: Finding out “it” is a “she” :)
  • Movement: She doesn’t move as much as Caleb did though I’m sure I’ll eat my words as I progress with this pregnancy. She moves around the most at night and when I play the piano.
  • Food Cravings: Fruit. And noodles.
  • Belly Button: Still an innie
  • Stretch Marks: Nada
  • What I miss: Wine, raw oysters, double unders and box jumps.
  • What I’m looking forward to: Seeing baby girl again at our next appointment :)

So that’s the status of our growing family! Can’t wait too meet you baby girl, we’re all so madly in love with you already!

Only 20 more weeks to go…

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