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it’s “us” day! {peek in my diary}

Posted Feb 07 2010 12:00am


I’m excited :) The Designer household, however, is divided. You see, I absolutely adore valentines day. I love stationary and sending snail mail in pretty little envelopes, which means just about everyone that I know get’s a valentine from me. Yes, I’m still in 3rd grade.

Designer Husband, on the other hand, think’s that it’s a “hallmark” holiday with absolutely no meaning. Don’t get me wrong, DH is very much a romantic. So much of one, that he could even top me in my rose tinted glasses. At the root of his stance on valentines day is the belief that he doesn’t need a “holiday” to remind me that he loves me – he’d rather bring home a card and flowers on a day when I’m not expecting, just because.

I have to admit, I do love this about him. Just sayin’.

Despite all of this, he still does something thoughtful every year for Love Day.

Our first Valentines was perhaps the most romantic though…. We had only been dating exactly one week. That’s right, we officially became a couple on Feb. 7th… which means that today is our dating anniversary {yes, we really celebrate that}. He came to pick me up, card & flowers in hand. I was *almost* ready, so I let him in and he sat in the living room watching TV while I finished up. A few minutes later I was ready to go, so I picked up my coat and there was a gift bag underneath.

{I’m smiling typing this}

In the gift bag were two of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received.

But before I tell you what they were, let me back up for just a moment….

On our first date as official “boyfriend & girlfriend”, we went to this lovely Italian place and had the most amazing, romantic dinner. He ordered a bottle of wine, and I suppose I was nervous/anxious and drank my glass a little too quickly… on an empty stomach no less. We had a great time, but by the time we were ready to leave, I was really feeling the wine. I went to the ladies room to touch up my makeup as we were leaving our table. I took my make up bag out of my handbag and placed it on the sink while I reapplied lipstick & mascara.

This makeup bag was gorgeous – my mom had just bought it for me for Christmas and I LOVED it! OK… makeup is now looking flawless, I’m good to go.

After dinner, we went to the movies. I’m sitting in the theater and feeling like I need some chap stick, so I reach for my purse. I start feeling around for my make up bag and it’s nowhere to be found. Great. I was so tipsy from the wine that I left my make up bag on the sink in the ladies room. By the time we left the movies the restaurant was closed, so I called the next morning but no one had turned it in.There was a couple of hundred dollars of MAC makeup in it, so I didn’t really think that it WOULD be turned in. But then I think, what in the world would anyone DO with used make up? I tried not to let it ruin my night, but I was really bummed about it.

DH dropped me off at my front door. I went in & washed my face…. and literally cried {just a bit} about my lost make up bag. It wasn’t because of the make up, it was the fact that the bag was a GIFT from my mom for Christmas. You don’t understand, I make strong sentimental attachments to material objects. Can’t help it. Anyway, DH called me about an hour later to tell me goodnight. He asked what I was up to, and I mentioned that I was writing in my diary.

“You keep a diary?”

“Yup, always have.”

“So, what’re you writing about?”

“Oh, just wanted to write down everything about what a wonderful first date we had as an official couple… you know, so I can tell our kids about it one day, haha!”

Keep in mind here… we had JUST decided to become a couple. I could have scared him off with that statement! Trying to quickly change the subject, I mention that I’m down to my last few pages in my diary..

“I’m obsessed with cute journals… i love them, I often go to the book store just to browse through all of the journals they have available – I bet I could fill all of them up!”

So, a week goes by and now it’s Valentines Day. Our *first* Valentines Day {aka Love Day}.

As I mentioned before, we were just getting ready to leave to go to dinner. I picked up my coat, saw the cute gift bag and looked up a DH…

He tells me to sit down and open it. Inside is:

  • a jar of bath salts that say “Unwind”
  • a gorgeous new diary
  • and a Vera Bradley make up bag.


To top that, he even wrote the first entry in the journal he bought me. He wrote all of this beautiful stuff and ended the page with…

“I guess what I’m really trying to say with all of this is that I’m not falling in love with you… I am in LOVE with you :) – Happy Valentines Day, – T”

Now, while writing this post, I was glad that I kept such a detailed diary, because I had to do some fact checking to make sure I got everything correct. While I had a couple of my old diaries out, I thought it’d be cute to take & share some pics. Hubs doesn’t know that I’m blogging about this right now, and he (hopefully) reads my blog daily…. so I’m hoping that this little story and the pics will make him smile and reminisce. For a  long time, Feb 7th {and the 7th of every month} was “our” day. When we got married, we stopped that tradition in exchange for our wedding anniversary.

I still have to say it though…. if you’re reading this, Happy “Us” Day, babe.

I just began writing in the sunflower diary a few months after I met DH. The red one underneath is the one that he bought for me.

Written on the inside of the sunflower diary…

The first mention of him in my diary…

Our first date…

Below is from a post on Jan 23rd. While we were at work, he handed me a scrap piece of paper with a note {pictured below}

The diary that he bought me for Valentines Day….

He wrote the first entry….

The second best entry in that diary….

My handwriting is atrocious in this entry, but I wrote this literally about 20 minutes after he proposed to me. I was shaking still, lol.

Ah, Love. I love it :)

Just wondering, do any of you keep a diary?

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