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It’s F-F-F-Freezing!

Posted Oct 06 2010 12:00am

Actually, that title’s a lie, my thermostat says it’s 65*.  But I feel pretty darn cold!  Right now (according to the thermostat and my phone) it’s 65* in here and 51* out there.  This leads to a couple of thoughts -

  • If I’m so cold in here, how the heck am I going to feel when I have to go outside?  And when I walk home from class at 9pm?!?
  • How much longer are we going to be able to push back putting on the heat?
  • Can I really wait until Sunday to switch out our summer and winter clothing?
  • Should we sign up for the October 30th 5k, or will the weather not permit the wearing of fun costumes?Th

My numb feet told me it was a good time to open up the Blueberry Cream Coffee I got on super sale at Wegman’s.

The flavor was good, although not at all blueberry.  Sadly, I didn’t realize until post-brewing that we are out of skim milk.  My Silk Almond Milk curdled :(

I only managed a few sips of the mug and I still got a caffeine headache!  (Btw - my Orgo Lab tonight actually deals with decaffination.)

My tasty leftovers lunch made the headache seem like not such a big deal.

A big slice (~1.5servings) of Wegman’s Veggie Pizza, with ranch.

We got this we a free coupon for dinner last night and we pretty impressed; the quality was great for frozen pizza.  The veggies included peppers, broccoli, and black olives.  My only complaint is that I would have like MORE veggies on the pizza.

What at what date/temperature do you turn your heat on?

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