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Is zinc the long awaited answer?

Posted Feb 15 2011 10:12pm

The New York Times Wellblog this week wrote at length about a study examining the body of evidence on zinc and its impact on the common cold. “Scientists still haven’t discovered a cure for the common cold, but researchers now say zinc may be the next best thing,” wrote the author, Tara Parker Pope.

Apparently, a comprehensive review of medical literature showed zinc generally effective in reducing duration of cold symptoms if zinc is consumed within a day after symptoms begin to appear.  The reviewers also said that proper dosage is still not agreed upon, and that the many delivery systems of zinc on the market provide for wide variability in efficacy.

Zinc is, of course, a metal mineral used by the body. Side effects are a necessary consideration when taking zinc. Web MD says taking anything over 40 mg a day may cause problems. Long term regular consumption of zinc (10 years and over) may increase prostate cancer risk.

I know I’ve taken zinc in the past when I felt a cold coming on. It may have helped some, as I recall. I sucked on Cold-Eze lozenges all day and night for two days, hoping to stave it off. I can’t recall a dramatic result, but I do recall maybe not getting quite as sick as I normally would.

Of course, after being on EpiCor year round immune balancing, I’ve not even looked at zinc…or vitamin C loading…for several years. Maybe some chicken soup, yes, but that’s about it.

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