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Is Your Pavilion DV1000 Laptop Battery Dying or Dead?

Posted May 09 2013 7:54am

Has your  Pavilion DV1000 laptop battery  ever malfunctioned mysteriously, when you are going about your duties (researching, working, etc.)? Unfortunately, millions of HP DV1000 enthusiasts grapple with this disappointing experience at some point. As laptop batteries age, or crumble on the pressure that users subject them to, they lose their ability to hold optimal amounts of charge. Although you have little control over this natural process, laptop batteries exhibit many signs as they age and degrade, before they finally kick the bucket. Look out for the following signs of a dying Pavilion DV1000 laptop battery, to prevent it from catching you off guard:


As your laptops battery degrades, or gets to the brink of death, one of the commonest signs that you will notice is the loss of its capacity. Depending on the type and chemistry of battery that you have installed in your computer, it should power your laptop optimally for around 200 and cycles. Each cycle can last four to six hours depending on its capacity, and the amount of power that you use. If you notice that even at full capacity, your laptop's battery depletes charge at a rate higher than it did originally; this is a sign that you might have to buy an  HP DV1000 battery  for your laptop soon. Do the following to ascertain this fact. First, charge your battery to full capacity using an original HP Pavilion DV1000 adapter. Note the amount of time it takes your laptop to drain the battery to zero capacity or go to sleep. If the laptop shuts down in under one hour, there is a high chance that it will not last for the next six months.


As the battery in your laptop degraded, electrolytes in its cells lose their ability to exchange ions, and thus, they their ability to power your laptop well. In addition to capacity loss, you will notice that your laptop has dipped in performance, if you have a dying battery on hand. For instance, you will notice that you laptop takes a while longer to boot, than it did originally. You might also notice that resource intensive applications such as Word and Corel lose their productivity. To ascertain that your battery is the culprit and not your computer, remove the battery from your laptop and check it for signs of damage (slobs of chemicals, cracks, etc.). Next, power the laptop directly from an AC outlet using an  HP DV1000 adapter  and check if the problems persist. If your laptop resumes normal operation, it is a clear sign that the battery is slowly growling to a halt.


Error messages are common when using laptop computers. However, when they go overboard and link to your batteries performances, you have a good reason to worry. Look at the battery icon on the task bar of your laptop. Does it have a red X on it and prompts you to replace your battery? If this is the case, do not ignore its warning. The Pavilion DV1000 battery in your laptop can die without warning. It is advisable that you buy a replacement, if you want to continue enjoying optimal performance. Visit a computer store in your locality or log into your computer and buy an authentic  HP laptop battery  replacement from your favorite virtual store.

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