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Is Your Health In Need Of Help?

Posted Nov 06 2008 5:45pm

I used to read every article on health that came out, but lately I've given this up as a bad habit. If you're not careful, your start realizing your friends are avoiding you because you bore them silly about being healthy. It's very easy to become obsessive in an area of your life once you have been obsessive an another and that was me because after being as fat as I was and then losing the weight, I wanted to stay that way.

Your Health

I suppose I became a bit of an expert after reading all those articles on health, from all the standard diets to the crazy ones as well as items informing you how to extend your life. I just get annoyed when I read articles on health now because I have read so many that tell you one thing is really good for you one day then say how bad it is the next. It's no good telling people how good soy is one day than saying it can have adverse effects the next. They just don't realise that most of us just want to stay fit, healthy and live as long as possible and to do this we need their help, not hindrance.


The problem on the perfect lifestyle was worse for me because I just kept reading the contradictions. I can't help thinking of three recent examples of annoying contradictions, alcohol, chocolate and coffee. It now turns out that red wine is good for you as well as dark beer, dark chocolate and coffee, all of which are quite good for you in moderation. I can see that very soon these same experts will tell us to forget everything they have told us about our cholesterol levels and to start consuming cake, fast foods and ice cream again.

Health Info

All that has come from this as far as I am concerned is a general disbelief of anything these so called health gurus say and I'll look after myself than you very much. Of course it won't stop me reading articles on health but in future I will decide how much of it I take notice of. If I just read the exercise sections and the odd information on nutrition and let my body tell me what it needs then I can't go wrong. In some ways this new knowledge is a good thing because it hasn't changed what I want from life, just made me reassess who I listen to if I want to achieve it.

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