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Is Your Doctor Getting the Whole Truth?

Posted Feb 18 2013 1:25pm

Prescription drugs My dad is almost 87 years old and as he has had to address different health issues, he is adamantly opposed to considering anything other than what his doctor recommends. It can actually be funny sometimes. When he was losing weight and went through every test known to man and was told there was nothing wrong with him, I suggested he just simply might not be eating enough. Of course, he disagreed. I sat with him and had him tell me what he’d eaten the day before and calculated the calories to see if he was eating enough to even sustain his present weight – and of course he wasn’t.

He felt that there had to be something else wrong and went back to his gastroenterologist. The doctor told him there were no other tests to do and said he probably wasn’t eating enough. Well when dad came to visit the following week he shared that piece of wisdom with me as if he’d never heard it before! When I reminded him I had suggested the same thing the week before his response was – “Yes, but you’re not a doctor.” All too true, dad!

That brings me to this alarming article from Dr. Mercola. The doctor also put my dad on several different blood pressure medications. Each time my dad asked me to look up any side effects and had to change meds several time because they made him feel awful. I gave him some information to read by a naturopathic doctor I trust who explained that his blood pressure for his age was perfectly normal. Furthermore, taking these medications not only cause negative side effects, but only serve to extend life by a few days when taken over time. His response was, “You’re not a doctor – what do you know?”

Well according to this article, most doctors themselves may not know much more than I since the results of drug trials are published more often when they are positive leading doctors to recommend medications that not only may not be effective but may be dangerous.

So as I have long said, your health in entirely in your hands – the decisions are yours to make and being well informed about the truth is the first step.

Are you more likely to use a drug simply on a doctor’s recommendation or do you research other alternatives?

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