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Is They A Way To Stop Hair Loss During Chemotherapy

Posted Dec 02 2012 3:13pm
Nutritional vitamins for super curly weave thinning can assist individuals suffering through the condition halt it from worsening. it's got been acknowledged that a deficiency in certain natural vitamins and minerals contribute drastically to hair thinning. nonetheless, those who are suffering from long term hairloss are stricken together with the issue by way of their genes.
Is They a way to stop hair loss during chemotherapy? Presently, a new cold cap device is undergoing clinical trials to prevent hair loss on breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. if the trial is proven to be successful, then this could be used for patients undergoing chemotherapy to control hair loss.
First of all, I don't shampoo my hair at all. Ever other day or so, I condition my hair with Everyday Shea Lavender scented Moisturizing Conditioner, which I buy at Whole Foods. I love this stuff because my guy and I can both use it (he's got really long hair) and it comes in a giant 32oz bottle. In the shower I wet my hair, condition and detangle with a wide-tooth comb and leave it in a bun while I scrub up and all that jazz. I rinse it in lukewarm water and wrap it loosely in a towel on top of my head while I wash my face, and let it air dry while I do my morning asana practice. Once in a while, if it's feeling particularly dry I'll do a pre-shower scalp and premium one weave massage with jojoba oil.
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