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Is there such a thing as healthy booze?

Posted Jul 29 2012 3:32pm
I've been away from my blogging for awhile - busy.

So what do you drink? And I don't mean water.
When you kick back, have a few, get together with friends what do you drink?

I have to say one of my favourite drinks is a good gin and tonic with a twist of lime.

But good gin makes the difference. A real bummer is the amount of sugar in tonic water. I've been able to find tonic water that is made from real cane sugar, as opposed to corn syrup and the rest of that goop but still I'd love to find one that was stevia based or just a bit less sugar.

a good cocktail - tequila, vodka, or gin based.

Used to like wine, but I've lost my taste for it, seems to make me feel icky depending on the type and since I can't seem to figure out which and why I just generally avoid it.

Beer - no go unless it's gluten free and most of the suck ass, so it probably helps that I was never really a big beer drinker. I always associated it with cutting grass for 5 hours and then having a beer afterwards.  Don't cut a yard that big anymore and don't drink beer so just as well.

Love, love love a good mojito.

So as the sun beats down on us its nice to enjoy and relax with friends and family and not completely compromise your 'good food' lifestyle just because you want to have a drink.

1. Don't use any mixes and or pops that have added sugar.
2. Try adding some greens to your drinks like: basil, mint, and lemon balm, is super yummy.
3. To sweeten up a drink use low glycemic organic agave syrup or stevia drops.
4. Hard alcohol, the vodkas, gins, etc, are sugar free so that helps just remember that most alcohol is drinking to excess is never an awesome idea.
Bottom line, wines and all alcohols have been advertised for providing some health benefits, like Resveratrol  but  every time there's a study telling you there's health benefits, they'll be another study telling you it'll kill. So, enjoy a drink or two, with friends. Don't drink alone - that's never a great idea.

Make sure you use ingredients that are good, and remember good drinks are best enjoyed with great conversation, laughter and good friends. If there is a benefit to alcohol it likely is that you slow down, relax and hang with friends.

Oh, and sex, a couple of good drinks are a great way to have your friday end with a bang.

in health,


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