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Is the Elliptical Calling Me?

Posted Jan 25 2010 12:00am

So i’m battling my brain, deciding wether or not I should head to the gym or not today. Obviously if you read my last post, you KNOW as well as I do that I should go, haha. But regardless, battling it.

So after atleast three weeks of sever fatigue, my body gets home from a long and tiring weekend, feeling rejuvinated? Yeah, I don’t get it either. Normally I would be incredibly excited about my energy and lack of sluggishness, but I’m very dissapointed, because OF COURSE I feel better on the week that I’m supposed to take all of the tests to see what’s wrong with me. It could throw off everything, and i’m really not interested in having to re-take it and repay a $50 copay to my endocrinologist. Ugh, come on body, be tired like normal. Atleast for one more week…

Yesterday I bought a comforter set for the new apartment! We are going to paint an accent wall behind the bed, a light mint green. I think it’ll look nice with the set. Now I can’t decide weather or not to paint our furniture set black or white? Or stain it dark wood? HELP, what will look best? Can’t wait to move in February, I better start enlisting the help of friends for painting and moving by bribing them with beer and wine. I would deff go to a painting party that supplied me with those luxuries! You know you wanna….

Microsuede Comforter Set In 3 Updated Colors.The luxury of suede - at

Spent lunchtime working on FlyKite Media’s new logo! I think me and Brendan have decided on one that we love. Hopefully we will be running our own company in two years, god I can’t wait. Stay tuned for our website launch! On that note, my boyfriend is totally ditching me tonight for nerdy stuff and extra sleep (I’m not kidding about the nerdy stuff, but I do hope you get some more energy babe).

And last but not least, I am sad because I finally asked my boss if I could take a Web Design class (funded by them), and he said yes!! Sounds awesome right, nope. I call to register, and it’s filled. Eff you Brookdale, why would you EVER only have 12 computers in a computer room? Sounds dumb to me. Hopefully I can get into their summer class, even though that’s really far away : ( If anyone heres are of any entry Web Design or Web Marketing courses/seminars/workshops, please keep me updated.

back to work…

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