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Is President Obama a Helicopter President?

Posted Mar 06 2011 12:16am

The word helicopter has been used for more than the flying machine.  It is been used to describe parents who hover over their children in order to monitor every aspect of their lives.

The problem with helicopter parents are that they overprotect their children, who never learn how to be responsible and independent.  Their children have "learned helplessness".  These children expect their parents to solve their problems.  They do not have to put forth any energy to solve their own problems or actualize their goals. 

Helicopter parents create dysfunctional children, who never learn how to take the controls over their own lives.  Helicopter children raised by helicopter parents become dependent and weak.  They do not learn how to be independent and self-sufficient.  They are entitled children, who are on course for failure.

Helicopter parents care for their children but unwittingly keep them as perpetual children.

Is president Obama like a helicopter parent? 

Is President Obama's ideology, purpose and programs going to create independent and responsible Americans or Helicopter Citizens who have become helplessly dependent upon the government to make their lives better? 

Is President Obama encouraging and reinforcing independent and responsible behavior from American citizens or is he nurturing programs to make people more dependent and less responsible for their behavior.

is America being transformed into the nation of "learned helplessness"?  Or is America being transformed into the nation of the free and self-directed?

These questions are important to consider on a national level, but also on a very personal level.  Are you waiting for a helicopter parent or president to solve your problems?  Or are you wanting to solve your problems and achieve your dreams without the interference of a hovering presence who wants to control your existence?

From a mental fitness perspective, it is very important to learn to depend on yourself for solving your problems and reaching your goals rather than expecting someone to rescue and save you! 

Remember, You Will Live within the Body, Environment and Country Created by Your Choices!

Dr. Hal

Life and Mental Fitness Coach


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