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Is plastic too drastic?

Posted Aug 21 2008 12:00am
Yesterday, I finally decided it was time to set up an official wedding budget. We're getting close to making some of the big decisions (caterer, florist, photographer, etc.) so I wanted to make sure I knew where we stood financially first.

Ummmmm... Let's just say the number added up to a much higher number than I was expecting. I sat at my computer with a quivering lip for about 15 minutes, and then I pulled it together. Plenty of people make it happen, and I can be one of them. The question for me isn't "How can I come up with $xxxx?", but rather "I refuse to spend $xxxx on one day of my life, so how can I make this work?"

Casey and I looked over the spreadsheet last night and decided that the first thing we have to do is seriously scale back the projected cost of food. We've reconsidered our buffet dinner and are thinking now that we might just do heavy hors d'eourves, or tapas if you're trendy. We also like this idea because we won't have people sitting and eating for half the reception - we can mingle with people and it will be informal and easy.

So I took out our original catering proposal and got out my red pen. What is expendable? The first thing that jumped at me was $675 in china and glassware rentals. Ridiculous! So now I am considering a new possibility. Stay with me...

Plastic dinnerware. I know, I know, but hear me out. Honestly, would you even remember, or more importantly care, if you went to a wedding and the plates were high-quality disposable plastic, rather than dingy over-used china? I found some nice "china-like" plastic ware online, and it looks like I could get everything we need for around $200 - a savings of $475! Added bonus, there are lots of fun colors and shapes in plastic, while most caterers have standard white china. These lovely charcoal plates are around $1 a piece, and pretty stylish if you ask me!

Let's be real. Am I fooling myself? Have I taken the budget-friendly wedding too far? Will my grandmother ever speak to me again if she eats off plastic at my wedding?

Comments and advice are appreciated. Even if it makes me want to stab myself with a {plastic} fork.
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