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Is it done raining yet?

Posted May 03 2011 1:41pm

I am like the opposite of Bruno Mars’ ‘Lazy Song’ today. Today I feel like doing everything. But of course, a common theme is taking place here and I woke up to the sound of rain. So I will be doing everything inside. Seriously, why does rain have to ruin everything? And it’s under 50 degrees today. Unacceptable May weather. I want to go to the provincial parks. I want to go play OUTSIDE! It’s all muddy and underwater here.

So this morning has been rather all over the place. I’m going to take a long walk once the rain stops. If it stops. It had better stop. Because if it doesn’t….. *shakes fist*

So far, this morning and afternoon have consisted of Angry Birds, laundry, finally updating my iPod, and a smoothie in a bowl. It consisted of chia seeds, frozen raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries blended with coconut yogurt and cranberry juice.

I debated which colour to paint my nails.

Essie nail polishes in Turquoise & Caicos, Petal Pink and Peach Daiquiri

I finally put up the dry erase board I got on clearance from Target in Chicago for messages and reminders of the utmost importance. 

Speaking of Target, I’m once again reminded how uncool Canada makes itself look from this. And for someone who was gone for 3 months, this gave me one or two seconds of excitement before seeing the name of the store was just a rip off, and it’s just some clothing store.

TARGET!!! .......................................................... apparel.

Such a tease. Although, the real Target is coming to Canada…in 2013.

Lunch was the leeeeeeeeettle bit of leftover chili (between my mom and I, dishes like that don’t last very long) and some parsnip fries.

These are just cut up parsnips seasoned with pepper & medium curry powder. They have such a sharp flavour, but they’re so good! Served with some organic ketchup. I normally eat my fries with mustard, but since parsnips are definitely not your conventional fry, they deserve some tomato condiments to make them more appetizing.

These were consumed while writing this blog post. There’s also a House Hunters International marathon that’s begging for my attention. I have such a fantastic idea for dinner tonight! I hope it turns out. My recipe ideas sometimes sound so much better in my head than they are on a plate.

What do you do when you’re stuck inside? 

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