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is it bad to eat white bread daily as most of your calorie needs with that. can i still lose weight eating it just as long as i

Posted by sassy

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Losing weight is a matter of eating less calories than you burn, so in theory, you could get all your calories from white bread. BUT, you are then missing out on essential nutrients and your health will need a balanced intake including protein (chicken, fish, tofu, beans, low fat dairy, etc), healthy fats (nuts, seed, avocado, etc) fruit and vegetables, and whole grains.
White bread is not good for you, i.e. besides being just calories. I, too, love and crave bread, but I try to eat brown, flat bread (no yeast), toasted. My particular brand – Lavash brown bread, in big, square packages at Trader Joe's. It tastes good alone, or with whatever you put on it. In fact, I am just going to have some. Enjoy!
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