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Is HP Pavilion DM3 Adapter a Good Power Source for Your Notebook PC?

Posted Jun 04 2013 8:22am

The  HP Pavilion DM3 adapter  is an ideal laptop AC adapter as it undergoes strict procedures of quality assurance. This is an excellent power source that is useful for a Notebook and is under the ISO 9001/9002 certification.


The Pavilion DM3 adapter is new, but is an ideal adapter. The box contains one charger (HP pavilion dm3-1000), 1 power cord and a free power cord. The features of the Pavilion DM3 adapter are:

It is quality tested, sealed and packaged.

It offers a stable power source.

One year warranty and protection from short circuit and overload.


HP Adapter is brand new and offers a power supply of 90W. This is an appropriate AC adapter for notebook computer DP Pavilion DM3. This adapter keeps your laptop powered and offers good performance as it is 100% OEM compatible. This replacement  Pavilion DM3 battery  is 19V and is compatible to the original power adapter offering a steadier power required for your computer. This can be purchased online.


The HP Pavilion DM3 charger can be now easily replaced with an HP Pavilion DM3 adapter, proving to be a best buy for its best features:

100% compatible with laptop adapter.

One year warranty and money back guarantee for 30 days.

Affordable prices.

Payment is accepted by credit cards and PayPal.


Using your HP Pavilion DM3 adapter while it is working is the best. But, if it stops working, you can do a quick test.


Plug the adapter in the different notebook PC and see if your computer works normally. In case it functions well, it means there is no problem with the adapter.

Use another AC adapter to your notebook PC and see if it works properly. If yes, the problem is with the AC adapter.

In case the  HP Pavilion DM3 charger  is found to be defective, contact HP support. In case the warranty period is over, get a replacement power adapter of good quality.


Buying replacement AC power adapter is also not a very simple job. You should know to choose the right adapter. One valid point is that most laptop AC adapters are compatible with many computers and so choose the right one. However, all that matters revolve around the output power, voltage and proper connections.


The foremost thing in a laptop adapter worth considering is the voltage. This is the easiest way of checking. This is done by turning the computer to see if the voltage is listed anywhere. Mostly a sticker may be affixed. It is always best to buy the exact details that are mentioned on it.


The next is to look for the output required for the  HP adapter. Having a high current power adapter is a suitable replacement for a low current power source, but buying a low current power adapter and replacing it with a high current power adapter is inappropriate.


You need to read the details of the adapter. Even if the adapter offers high power, your laptop will draw only the required amps and watts. Hence, this is the once which anyone can prefer buying.


If someone is searching for a certified and high quality battery just like a Battery for HP、Dell、Acer、Sony... then  is the best place for them. As one of the largest distributor of replacement laptop batteries in Australia, consumers are guaranteed of 60- Day Money Back Policy and a 2-Year Warranty.

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