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is flaunting yourself good or bad? does it mean self-confidence?

Posted Aug 17 2011 11:04am

hello friends,

Michelle and I have been doing pretty good about getting back into our goals that we set for ourselves in terms of our workouts and our new eats (always changing for us, haha). When Michelle got back on Sunday from her Chicago trip we have been non-stop. We have been getting our butts kicked again with our Strong is Sexy Fitness Challenge . Our bodies are a little sore.

Sunday was our day off from working out. We got right back into our groove on Monday. My motivator lately is getting in shape for my wedding . I feel so good after my workouts and have been enjoying my fruit based post-workout smoothies afterwards, especially on these hot summer days.

Besides workouts Michelle and I have been getting some blood work done which we hope to share our results and our conclusions sometime next week. Hopefully we can get some answers we have been looking for.

The last time I was in the doctors office waiting to talk with the doctor about my results, I was browsing through this fitness magazine and came across some interesting information. I guess polls really.


These polls really stuck with me and I thought they were very interesting… what do you think?

fitnessmagarticle I must say I am happy to see that flaunt it is number one – that means more people are having better self-confidence, right?  Although I do not like that envious is second on the poll…why do we have to be so judgmental and cruel to each other?

Shouldn’t we be at the point in our society that we support one another and not bring each other down?


For me, my abs are one of my best physical features so no covering up for me… I work hard to get them so is showing them off a bad thing?

What is it so wrong to workout hard to look good and not be able to show off your work? Everyone does it or wants to do it, right? Isn’t that just one benefit from working out… to look good?

fitnessmagarticle3 I do admit, I wish I had the cleavage to flaunt, so again it is my abs or arms for me.

What do you think of these polls? Do you agree or disagree with them? When is it the right or wrong time to flaunt your stuff? Does that mean you are cocky or just self-confident? What body part do you like to flaunt? Where do you draw the line of what is considered flaunting and self confidence?

Is saying to someone that has low self-esteem, “you are beautiful” the same thing as saying “you have great abs” ? Or are they different things?

Do you like to see people’s progress pictures on their blogs, facebook, etc. Does it bother you when people show skin? Muscle?

Please share your thoughts!

For both Michelle and I, we are happy to see someone’s success in their fitness goals. We all have different fitness goals. We think saying you have great arms is a great way to boost self-confidence, it sure has for us.  As we have mentioned before on our blog, we have struggled with self-confidence, eating disorder, etc, so having someone compliment me on my physical appearance makes me smile on the inside and out.

Being strong physically helps me to be stronger mentally.

Strong is sexy!!

There is a line of being cocky and self-confident, we feel it is the way you carry yourself and how you interact with others is the determining factor.  We do feel there is a grey area in this topic. Sometimes it can be a tough call.

Till next time,


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