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is cervix cauterization painful? is there any side effect for this kind of procedure? is anesthesia needed ?

Posted by libragirl

I have cervicitis for a long time and keeps coming back,everytime i go to the doctor they always give me different kind of antibiotics and it works but after everytime i had contact with my husband it comes back again, i feel ashame about about it so I went to the doctor lately and she  advice me to have cautery, she said its the only way to stop the discharge to remove the damage tissue and produce a new one, and honestly im really scared ...Im just wondering if this procedure painful and helpful to me? please someone help me to clear my mind...thanks...and is there any side effect? is anesthesia needed?

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I had the same issue... continuous infections and bleeding that went on for years. Finally my Doctor recommended cauterization. I had the procedure done in hospital under general anaesthetic because he was also doing a biopsy and a D and C (scraping of the uterine walls... same procedure as abortion, but I was not pregnant).

I was out of the hospital the same day and was told to take it easy for a few days. Had some bleeding and cramping much like a period. I think if you are getting only the cauterization you do not require general anaesthetic, likely only local.

It really wasn't bad to go through and it has been completely worth it. My cervicitis has completely gone away with only the very occasional light bleeding after intercourse. I had the procedure over 10 years ago.

As I recall, decades ago, it wasn't painful at all, during or after the procedure. I don't recall if I got any kind of anesthetic, but afterwards you should have no intercourse for several weeks. The doctor will tell you. There is nothing to be afraid of – this is 21. century and modern medicine! 

I had the procedure done yesterday and had no anesthetic! It REALLY hurt but only with stomach cramps! but I suffer from bad period pain anyway. Good luck!
I just had it a week ago.  I was put completely under (same day, out patient procedure).  I feel great and did from the moment I woke. The fluid leaking for a couple of weeks afterward kind of sucks, but I guess it's better than the cervicitis.  I hope after another week or two it is resolved and I have no more issues.  No cramps or anything though!
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