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IQS Experiment – Week 5 Wrap Up

Posted Nov 19 2012 5:37pm

In the 5th chapter of her I Quit Sugar e-book, Sarah Wilson encourages us to get creative and experiment with craving helpers and substitutes. This chapter also goes into a bit more detail on detoxing.

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Week 5 – Get creative, experiment… and detox.
1. If you’re still experiencing cravings know that this is normal and won’t last forever.
2. There are ways to help with the detox process. The number one tactic is to increase your warm water intake (can be herbal tea) this will help your body flush and rid itself of the toxins.
3. Come up with some ideas to add a little non-sugar sweetness to your day. Sarah recommends burning incense, making a lovely ritual out of having some herbal tea and meditation.

So how did I go?
- One of the suggestions naturopath Angela Hywood makes in the book is to take Gymnema to curb sugar cravings. This didn’t work for me at all but it might be worthwhile consulting your naturopath about how to use it if you’re interested.
- Emotionally this is tough going and makes me wish I had started with a friend. It’s nice to be able to talk to you guys about it at the end of each week here but someone to whinge to along the way would be great (she says in sooky, whiney, detox voice).
- Sometimes I find myself getting really angry when I can’t have something sugary and snapping at people. It’s not an attractive look and takes a tonne of willpower to hold back which can be draining.

Some interesting facts:
1. One study shows it can take on average 66 days to change a habit so hang in there.
2. Feeling nauseous, dizzy, constipated, aching joints? Don’t worry this is just your body detoxing, I promise it’ll pass.
3. Supplements like Chromium, Calcium and gut bacteria supplements can assist with the detox process.

Preview of week 6:
In the coming week we’re adding some sweetness back in.

Wanna follow?
Every Tuesday over the next 5 weeks I’ll give you an update here on the blog. If you’re interested in doing the experiment with me you can purchase a copy of Sarah’s IQS e-book or her fabulously inspiring IQS Cookbook .

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