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IQS Experiment – Week 3 Wrap Up

Posted Nov 05 2012 7:32pm

In the third chapter of her I Quit Sugar e-book, Sarah Wilson advises making the final leap into a sugar free existence and getting tougher on your exclusions.

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Week 3 – Quit!
1. She advises cutting out all sugars for now, including fruit, dried fruit, fruit juices and condiments containing sugar.
2. The general rules here are to eat products with less than 3-6g of sugar per 100g/ml and for dairy stay under 8g per 100g/ml.
3. The idea is that this allows your body to re-calibrate and find a new sugar free ‘normal’.

So how did I go?

- The mad headaches have subsided and the cravings are much shorter and less severe I’m glad to say.
- I’ve made an executive decision not to cut out fresh fruit. I have it in my green smoothie each morning and having a piece in the day is a bit of a lifeline since I’ve been pregnant so I’ve decided not to exclude it this time round.
- Experimenting with sugar free recipes is keeping things fun and interesting.
- My skin is really improving. Yay!

Some interesting facts:
1. 4g of sugar = 1tbsp = 1 sugar cube.
2. Beware of the ‘no added sugar’ label on packaged foods. They often contain hidden forms of fructose like honey, fruit juices or agave (which is 90% fructose).
3. Wine is ok to drink because the fructose in the fruit used to make it is converted into alcohol. Hooray!

Preview of week 4:

In the coming week I’ll be focused on facing my sugar demons.

Wanna follow?
Every Tuesday over the next 6 weeks I’ll give you an update here on the blog. If you’re interested in doing the experiment with me you can purchase a copy of Sarah’s IQS e-book or her fabulously inspiring IQS Cookbook .

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