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IQS Experiment – The Final Wrap Up

Posted Dec 11 2012 5:53am

In the 8th and final chapter of her I Quit Sugar e-book, Sarah Wilson covers refining what you’ve learned and moving forward. This chapter also looks into sugar free breakfasts, going sugar free with kids and she answers some reader questions.

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Week 8 – Refining and Moving Forward
1. You need to keep testing and being curious. Some days will be more straight forward than others and they can be shaped by your mood or external influences. Be aware of the times you feel more vulnerable to a relapse and you’ll be better at avoiding or recovering from them.
2. Don’t be too strict with it. Find your own personal balance.
3. Be aware of slipping into being too relaxed with ‘sort of healthy’ foods. Sarah discusses how she finds full on sugary foods easy to avoid but it’s things like dark chocolate covered strawberries or a naturally sweetened gluten free muffin that can be her downfall.

So how did I go?
This whole process has been enlightening. I am much more aware of my own weaknesses when it comes to sugar and what I need to overcome them. I don’t feel as though I’ve entirely succeeded this time round but I’m ok with that. I’m the type that needs to see some physical progress when doing things like this, I need the encouragement. So seeing as I’ve only gotten bigger, puffier, hungrier and more tired as I’ve gone along (27-34 weeks of pregnancy) the benefits I feel I would normally have seen and that would have spurred me on just aren’t apparent. It’s cool though, I think I’m well equipped to give it another go once the baby has arrived and things have settled down a bit.

Further Reading and Resources

If you’re interested in doing the experiment yourself you can purchase a copy of Sarah’s IQS e-book or her fabulously inspiring IQS Cookbook .

In time for Christmas Sarah has also devised a very clever Christmas Meal Plan that will set you right over the festive period.

David Gillespie’s Sweet Poison and Sweet Poison Quit Plan are very interesting reading if you’re wanting more in depth info about sugar and it’s effects on the body. David is a lawyer and father of 6(!) who became interested in sugar and it’s effects and ended up writing a book in which he deciphers recent medical findings on diet and weight gain.

Kate Harris’ site I Quit Sugar is a great resource for those going through the process and wanting a little extra inspiration and information.


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