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Investing in my health with acupressure mat

Posted Sep 27 2010 3:33am
So, as my yoga classes are scheduled for the upcoming week, I couldn't just sit around and do nothing. For the past few weeks my working hours were getting longer and longer so I decided to invest in my health.

First, the acquaintance. My friend suggested me an acupressure mat. When I was visiting her sometime earlier in the summer, she invited me to try hers, a Pranamat Eco. As surprised I was that she invited me on a 'spiky' (yaiks!) mat knowing how intolerable of pain I am, I let her talk me in. First 2 minutes were pretty painful and I was quietly planning on a revenge - a huge spider for a present or something like that. But those 2 minutes were not enough to make my plans for the inconvenience passed to let the warmth, pleasure and peace kick in.

Laying there, on the fluffy rug at my friends place, huge smile all over my face and at total ease, I assume I looked quite ridiculous. Thank God there were no paparazzi's around... After just 20 minutes I felt energetic and flexible, ready to start a professional artistic gymnastic career. My back wasn't aching, muscles were flexible and energy was hitting the roof! Instead of revenge I had to think up of a present to thank my friend.

After a couple of weeks, thou, the good ol' pain and fatigue were back. Thanks! What to do? Sure, I could drop myself at my friends house again but I didn't have a proper reasons except that I needed that mat! Well, but you know what they say - a true friend is always there for you and she did understand my urge and was glad to help. Another situation solved.

That still got me thinking on how to solve this without troubling my friend too often. She did tell me about where she bought it but I still found it to be too expensive for me - EUR 79. That is not what a just-out-of-university professional without a serious job can afford. So that had to wait.

It turned out, my back couldn't. I knew my remedy, but was still hesitating. To try to absolve the high price I read through the internet on what is it and what makes the price so high. The first surprise was when I found out that the mattress filling is a 100% coconut fiber. Sorry, what? But really, my friend tried to talk me into buying one and stressed this obstacle out as the one that finally convinced her before her purchase. I also read about the eco-friendly production process that causes less hazardous emissions and uses less energy. That sounds green to me. Not to mention that the cover is made of linen and I just adore linen! Searching through the web, I found several articles favoring the eco materials and that just took me. One of them, by Tine ( here ) and the other one on the PRLog ( here ) made my doubts fade and I came to realize that the good things can't be cheap if you want them to be organic too.

Second, the purchase. What helped a lot in solving this problem was as follows - my back pain was back, strong as ever, and my salary was also here. Hooray, off I go to buy one! Heading to the Advaita Art's online shop (at ) was a well aimed shot and few minutes later I was a proud owner of the Pranamat Eco (in turquoise and purple!!). I received it a while ago and so far I can't name a reason for not buying it. So I guess you can expect another post by me on how I use it in a short while.

i highly recommend it to you and would like to read on your experience if you have any. See what we got!
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