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Posted Mar 25 2011 12:05am
Recently I have become more interested in living healthily.

I noticed while I was living in Russia and eating 20% milkfat sour cream every day1 that if I didn't move around, other than my trudge to and from the metro in the bitter cold, my bodily functions didn't, well, function. I won't get into the graphic details or anything, but let's just say I had to make a change. I started going to Pilates, Step and Belly Dancing at the gym across the street. It carried the VERY Russian name of ALEX FITNESS (in Latin letters and all), and had a pretty western attitude toward working out2.

That was the beginning, and there was no looking back. After Russia, I went to the gym a few times a week over the summer, and when I got back to school this year, I finally started taking advantage of the fact that our campus gym is literally a two minute walk from my dorm. Somehow this developed into a 4-5 trip per week habit that leaves me grumpy if not completed each morning3, and along the way I started becoming more aware of what food I was consuming, wasting a lot of precious time reading about health and wellness related issues online, and unknowingly choosing a healthier lifestyle.

I decided to start writing about these experiences publicly because I feel like even the best health and beauty sites (like Self.Com, for instance) provide unreachable examples and goals for those attempting to better themselves, making the task, although a commitment, seem harder than it is. While I am "no Angelina Jolie,"4 I think I can be a resource for the normal person who wants to make some lifestyle changes. This blog isn't only going to be about eating healthy and getting fit; once I'm in my own place, I hope to be cooking and sharing some recipes. Also, thanks to an Environmental Studies class I'm taking, I have been brainwashed into the pursuit of a green lifestyle.  Pretty much anything is game here, just as long as it leaves us "healthy, wealthy,5and wise."

1Russians laugh at you when you ask them if non-fat milk exists there.  I never saw any milk product with less than 5% milkfat.
2Once the westernization of my step class surprised me; the teacher asked everyone to get what sounded like a "bohdeebahr" po russki, but was actually just a BodyBar. 
3Yes, I'm even GETTING UP EARLY to do this shit!
4When I was teasing my older brother about his physical state, this is what he said to me. The ringing of this insult in my ears may or may not have gotten my ass out of bed a few (or more) times recently.
5I recently spent $50 on a sports bra. Additionally, a picnic lunch for two of goat cheese, crackers, salami, pasta salad and iced tea at a local FoodSource cost a friend and me $52. HEALTH IS EXPENSIVE. PICNICS ARE HARD.
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