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Posted Mar 17 2010 6:45am
To get things started, I thought I'd write a bit about this new entity, "Possibilities Journey, Inc." It is incorporated as a non-profit and hopefully will be deemed a public charity (IRS willing). The vision is one of helping us all inform our worldview from a unitive mind rather than a dualistic mindset. The dualistic mind sees things as "We vs. They" or "I vs. It" or "Us vs. Them". Always the entity viewing the "other" as different (and usually in a negative light).

The unitive mind sees all as one. Thus, it is the essence of Martin Buber's "I-Thou" philosophy/theology. It is the essence of Christian theology as one tries to love our neighbors as ourselves, and God before all other idols.

So, what does this have to do with health, wellness and wholeness? In the unitive mind, there are no distinctions - all is one. Thus, what I do to myself, affects you and all others who inhabit this world. Therefore, if I am unhealthy, my dis-ease affects all those around me. By improving my health and wellness, and working on my spiritual disciplines to improve my relationship with God, I improve my wholeness (or lessen my brokenness whichever you prefer).

This is the path that Possibilities Journey, Inc. is embarking on. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Also, take a peek at our website at: I hope you find somehting there that interests and challenges you.

Peace to all,


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