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Introducing the Beautiful Food Project

Posted Apr 17 2012 2:34pm

Beautiful Food Project


A picture is worth a thousand words and junk food advertisers know it very well. That is why we get images of junk food flashed at us every day. They are everywhere: on TV, on your computer screen, in the subway, on a bus, in newspapers and magazines etc.

How does seeing these images affect our food choices? How much of your “sweet tooth” or the “craving” that you can’t resist today is the result of food ads that you watched on TV last night?

Let’s make an experiment. Look at the picture of the lemon slices below and imagine taking one and squeezing the lemon juice on to your tongue.

Did it make your mouth water? I bet it did.

This is how powerful food images are.

What if we were constantly exposed to images of healthy, nourishing foods? What if we learned to appreciate and admire the incredible beauty of whole foods? Would it be easier for us to make healthier food choices? I think the answer to this question is yes, it would.

That is why I decided to start a new project here on HealthyBalanceBlog and I called the project Beautiful Food. It will be all about sharing with you pictures of colourful, beautiful, nourishing whole foods.

As I explore my city or travel to other places, I will take pictures of healthy foods and share them with you here on the blog.

I am starting this project with the pictures I took at the St. Lawrence Market here in Toronto. I hope you will appreciate the richness, the textures and the wonderful colors of these foods just as much as I do.

Please click on the arrow to play the slideshow or, if you don’t see the slideshow box below, click here to view it in a new window .


Action step:  take some time next weekend and visit a farmers market in your area; it’s a great way to spend time with your family and  teach your kids about whole foods as well as stock up on some veggies and fruits for the coming week.


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