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Introducing Bare Bones Marinade

Posted Nov 28 2012 5:29pm

Happy Wednesday to all of you!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve blogged, but I am slowly getting back into it.  I’ve certainly been busy this season…Christmas shopping (online only, I hate stores and the mall), Thanksgiving, and deciding on my business plan for the beginning of the year.

So I thought I would start with Thanksgiving today.  This year Sean had a Thanksgiving lunch at his elementary school and was super happy when I decided to attend.  I prefer to keep a low profile at the schools…the elementary school they were at a couple of years ago before we moved was inundated with parents.  More so then the kids. So I keep a low profile and try to help from home with donations and such.

Thanksgiving luncheon

Let’s chat about the school food for a second. It wasn’t terrible, but was definitely not very attractive (or delicious).

Hmmmm. School lunches.

Turkey breast meat (healthy), cinnamon apples, a square of stuffing (awful tasting), brown gravy, cranberry jelly and milk.  All I can say is, ugh.

Sean supplemented with an apple, which they had for free!

Free lunchtime extras = healthy!

One thing about my boys, they try to choose healthy, which is fantastic. They can probably tell you how much protein is in an egg. :)

We had turkey on Thanksgiving.  I love Williams-Sonoma dry brine and we coated the turkey with it before roasting.  Unfortunately, there aren’t any “after” pictures.


Rest assured, that the turkey was as moist as it would have been had we used a wet brine.

We’ve been having a lot of fun playing cards and bored games with the kids recently…which is really great for family time at night.

Time for Monopoly!

As I’m writing this I’m wondering if you all have heard about our marinade business, Bare Bones Marinade.

Bare Bones Marinade

I’m going to start a new blog solely concerning our marinade business.   We are in 7 retail markets in the Charlotte, NC area, 2 in the Canton, GA area, and are running radio spots continuously.  It’s becoming extremely popular!  We also have a website if you would like to place orders: click here for the site .

Thanks to my close high school friends for posting on their FaceBook pages about our marinade:

Vicki James, Monique Johnson, Matt Beck, and Chris McDonald! Hope you all enjoy your packages! :)

Later this week I will have pictures of some of the food that we’ve made with the marinade.  You can use it every type of meat and seafood…and I even drizzle it on veggies.

Using some large brine bags, I am currently marinading some baby back ribs.

Baby Back Ribs marinading in Bare Bones Marinade

Warning: No one has ever tried it and not LOVED it. Just throwing it out there! ;)

Have a wonderful Wednesday and I will be back soon with more stories and pictures!

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