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Interview Series: Alyssa from Life of Blyss

Posted Apr 02 2013 6:30am

Interview Series: Alyssa from Life of Blyss

by Alyssa on April 2, 2013

A few days ago, Alyssa (yes – another Alyssa, and she’s AWESOME! I mean come on, no Alyssa’s aren’t awesome duh icon wink Interview Series: Alyssa from Life of Blyss ) announced her “new job” on her blog. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to interview her and find out why she made the decision to leave her previous position to follow her passion, especially since I was in a similar position about a month ago.

If you don’t follow Alyssa’s blog yet, I definitely think you should! She’s so fun and spunky, in both her writing and her pictures icon smile Interview Series: Alyssa from Life of Blyss . I tweeted her and she said she’d love to be interviewed! Now, I did this via email, so all of the answers are 100% Alyssa’s. Hope you enjoy!

IMG 1569 1 Interview Series: Alyssa from Life of Blyss

Photo via Life of Blyss


What was your turning point where you decided you wanted a career in fitness?

There were a lot of things I loved about my job. I worked in the Communcations Office if an independent school, I taught an Upper School class, and I coached two sports. I didn’t get paid much (as most teachers don’t), but I got a month off in the summer and lots of holidays off. It didn’t hurt that my boyfriend also worked right down the hall from me. icon wink Interview Series: Alyssa from Life of Blyss

After two years of working at the School, I started to feel bored. I was beginning to dread every project that was given to me, and I soon realized I was really only happy when I was coaching. I would put my students through boot camp workouts to make them stronger, and I learned the bulk of my job wasn’t something I was passionate about. I felt stagnant, there was no room for growth, and I was actively looking for a different job for quite a while. I just didn’t know what I wanted.

What made you decide to leave your job at the school and pursue TidalWheel ?

I actually spoke with an alum of the School for which I worked about a business idea for Virginia Beach. We talked it through, and after deciding it may not be something I wanted to pursue, he asked me, “If money were no object, what would you do?” I answered that I would love a career in fitness if I wasn’t worried about income. It was then he suggested I look into TidalWheel. When I sent my resume to the owners, we both realized that we were exactly what we were each looking for.

Is there a reason you chose to join an existing company rather than doing something like personal training? 

Serving as Regional Manager of TidalWheel is a much bigger opportunity for me than just personal training. This job is perfect because I get to use my managerial and marketing skills while incorporating my fitness and healthy living ideas. And because I need to know what is going on in my studio, part of my job is taking a class each day so I can work on improving all the TidalWheel classes/instructors. It’s a good thing too, because I work too much to work out on my own time now!

I will also be instructing classes when we open the Richmond location, so I’m kind of getting to do both.

What are your plans for your “new career”, or are you planning on just going with the flow for now?

Because TidalWheel is such a new company (only 6 months old!), we are young, but quickly growing. In a few weeks, I will be living in Richmond part-time to open our new studio, and at the same time, I’ll be traveling back to VA Beach to keep an eye on our first studio. We definitely don’t plan to stop at two locations, either. icon smile Interview Series: Alyssa from Life of Blyss So each time a studio opens, I will be traveling to the new location to facilitate that opening.

Was this a difficult decision for you, or was it foreseen?

Leaving my first “big girl job” after college was a little scary. It has been a serious adjustment as I now work a much heftier work schedule and have little time to do anything else, but I have been loving it. When time goes by quickly after a 16.5 hour day, you know you’re in the right profession. I was honestly worried I would never find that feeling in a career, but I think I’ve found my lobster (in a job).

Go ahead and support Alyssa and her TidalWheel team by liking their Facebook Pages here and here , and follow her on Twitter ! icon smile Interview Series: Alyssa from Life of Blyss

pixel Interview Series: Alyssa from Life of Blyss
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